Today’s Sendwave Exchange Rate

Check out today’s Sendwave exchange rate to know how much your loved ones will receive versus how much you want to send. The current exchange rate covers no transaction fees to certain locations while it does for others thus allowing you to make calculations based on where you are sending from and the location of […]

Chainlink vs Polkadot: What is the Difference?

Chainlink vs Polkadot – The cryptocurrency market offers a large number of coins and tokens that were created for different purposes. The most valuable projects are those that bring benefits to the crypto market as well as connect real-world data with blockchain. In this article, we will discuss Chainlink and Polkadot projects, their benefits, and […]

How Money Transfer Works

In the past, when one needed to send money to someone living someplace else, one had to write a check, put it inside an envelope, and mail it by post. After days or weeks, the recipient would go to a branch of the bank that issued the check to deposit it into their bank account […]

Bitcoin Is A Much Better Currency Than the Physical Currency

Cryptocurrency is the Bull Run in the market. Several times, it has been debated that physical currency cannot replace future digital money. It is a very theoretical concept that the government has issued about Bitcoin replacing the physical tenders with its prominent decentralized attribute. Government is reluctant and giving the assistants the technology of Bitcoin […]

Jumia KOL (Affiliate Program): 5 Things To Know For Beginners

Jumia KOL is an affiliate program specifically designed to help influencers, content creators and publishers earn more from their web pages. By joining the Jumia KOL partner program, you are joining Africa’s leading online store, just like it is for Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, etc. For beginners, here are the 5 important things […]

What Are The Reasons To Purchase Bitcoin Crypto?

In this new world, several things are popping up in the market, and from all, there is one asset that is trending everywhere. The name is bitcoin crypto. The crypto asset is the future of making transactions and is also known as the best way to clear all the transactions. Several other cryptocurrencies are available […]

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