DSTV Full Kit: Package Channel List, Decoder Price In Uganda

DSTV’s full kit package is designed to allow you to enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite channels featuring sports, the latest movies, TV series, reality shows, kids, music, lifestyle, and news. If you are wondering how much you will be paying for the different packages, channel lists, and the cost of the different DSTV decoder types in Uganda, find everything here.

DSTV Packages and Number of Channels

Package NameNumber of ChannelsNo of HD ChannelsPackage Price Per Month
DSTV-Premium170+ Channels40+ HD ChannelsUGX 255,000/= PM
DSTV-Compact Plus155+ Channels30+ HD ChannelsUGX 150,000/= PM
DSTV-Compact140+ Channels25+ HD ChannelsUGX 955,000/= PM
DSTV-Family110+ Channels10+ HD ChannelsUGX 59,000/= PM
DSTV-Access90+ Channels10+ HD ChannelsUGX 39,000/= PM
DTSV-Lumba500+ Channels10+ HD ChannelsUGX 15,000/= PM

Depending on the DSTV package you choose, you enjoy a number of channels featuring Supersport, blockbuster movies, series, showmax, premier league, FA Cup, Champions league, wrestling, local and international channels, entertainment, drama, kids, family, etc. Your subscription package will determine the number of channel lists you will get.

DSTV Package Prices

  • Premium goes for UGX 255,000/= per month
  • Compact plus goes for UGX 150,000/= per month
  • Compact goes for UGX 955,000/= per month
  • Family goes for UGX 59,000/= per month
  • Access goes for UGX 39,000/= per month
  • Lumba goes for UGX 15,000/= per month

Each of the above packages comes with a number of HD channels in addition to normal channels. You pay different subscription amounts depending on your choice, and what you are looking forward to watching, at the lowest prices.

Why subscribe to DTSV Uganda?

Whether you are looking for online live TV streaming, DTSV allows you to do so with an option to catch up on any missed shows using the recording feature. You are able to watch your favorite TV series with Showmax or even be able to rent the hottest and latest movies straight from the BoxOffice.

DSTV Decoder Types

  • Explora (Model 3A)
  • Explora (Model 2A)
  • HD PVR (2 Tuner)
  • HD PVR (4 Tuner)
  • SD PVR
  • HD Single View
  • SD Single View

In addition, there are additional peripherals you can get from DSTV including the WiFi connector USB3000, WiFi connector Air4400, SMART LNB, and Remote control. These combined allow you to maximize control thus allowing you to enjoy unlimited in Uganda.

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