How To Get AAA International Driving Permit

Here is how to apply for, and get AAA IDP International Driving Permit online. By obtaining the AAA international driver’s license document, you are ready to drive in 150 countries worldwide without worrying. Also, find out how long it takes and how to get started. With AAA IDP International Driving Permits being one of the […]

Early WARNING Signs of Groundwater Flooding

Flooding is a serious problem for many people during Autumn. When rivers rise unexpectedly and overflow their banks, they can flood houses. Rainwater can also reach the coast via storm drains and cause coastal floods. Groundwater flooding is an issue that can affect almost any house or building. Oftentimes, water can seep into basements or […]

How Long Does It Take To Get An Express Passport In Uganda?

According to the official website of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control of Uganda, it takes 2 working days for an express passport to be issued to the applicant. Unlike regular passports that take up to 10 working days, express takes 2 days only, thus being different. Once you have paid the 250,000/= normal […]

How to Check Uganda Passport Application Status

Here is how to check the status of your Uganda passport application online and find out if is ready for pick up, or collection. If you’ve applied for a Uganda passport, submitted your application forms, and interviewed, you must have obtained a passport collection notice with a reference number and waiting to be notified by […]

Uganda Police Promotions 2022: List of 773 Promoted Officers

Here is a list of the newly promoted Uganda Police (UPF) officers in 2022. Check out who is on the list of the Uganda Police Promoted officers 2022 and the new rank in the Police force. According to the Press Release dated August 4, 2022, published on the Uganda Police Force website, In exercise of […]

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