How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Virtual assistant

The amount of money a Virtual assistant earns is largely determined by a number of factors including ones skills, experience, trust, etc. A beginner for example can earn anywhere between $7 – $10 per hour, while an expert can earn anywhere between $30 – $45+.

Also known as freelancers, virtual assistants are best known to be very helpful when it comes to handling tasks allocated by virtual employers. Doing this kind of work means earning an extra cash since one can do it as parttime there by allowing him or her to top up on his monthly earnings from any other job.

Becoming a virtual assistant is seen by many as an opportunity since it allows one work from home, office or even on the go. Requiring a simple know how qualifies you to do the work for as long as you are able to deliver what exactly is required.

Virtual Assistants are paid to handles the many different tasks available which may vary from employer to employer. has published a salary range of Virtual assistants basing on a number of factors including region, skill, etc, which can help you find out how much you expect to earn.

Freelancer work ranges from personal to business, and include but not limited to tasks like reading/replying to emails, making/receiving phone calls, organizing/scheduling meetings, web design and search engine optimization, blog/website editorial work, marketing and research, social media and audience finding and so many others.

Where do you find Virtual assistant work?

Whether you are looking forward to becoming a freelancer/virtual assistant so as to make money, and or simply want to hire or employ others to cover your tasks, there are lots of sites and services you can create an account and instantly do the work.

Below is a list of 30 virtual websites you can try out

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