Top 7 Misconceptions About Money We All Believe In

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Did you know that a lot of people have misconceptions about money they believe in?  I don’t want you to consider me Captain Obvious, but I claim that all people need money, even if they say that they don’t love it. Money is needed for business, living, health, and even happiness. We have made money a cult by ourselves.

It’s sad but true. But you will never become friends with money if you still believe these misconceptions about it. Such false beliefs make money be so far away from you, that is why it’s high time to dispel all myths that don’t let you become rich and happy.

Here are top 7 misconceptions about money to forget about:

The first false belief: a lot of money is possible to get only through hard work. If this statement is lodged in your head, you’ll do hard work for your whole life and receive little payment for it. Such a belief locks you from the ability to earn big money. To earn big money is very easy actually – just let that thought in your mind and turn your mind on to earn!

The second wrong belief: money is not important in life. This statement prevents you from letting money and happiness into your life! Money is a kind of measure of your value to the Absolute. And if you have no money – then you are worthless. Believe me, money is a very great value! You can get all pleasures life gives us, and give happiness to your loved ones and friends with the help of money.

The third wrong belief: money spoils a person. If you feel that way, you are fundamentally wrong. All millionaires and billionaires are smart and self-sufficient people. They are much less evil than all those angry homeless people or alcoholics.

The fourth statement is no less doubtful: it’s impossible to make big money in honest way. On the contrary, huge fortunes are earned this way. A good thing, which is useful for people, always brings money to its founder.

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The fifth misconception about money: it’s a shame to be rich when there are so many poor people around. Being rich is very pleasant! You can travel, enjoy life, take care of your loved ones. And the fact that most of people around us are poor is their fault only. Each of us is a creator of his destiny.

The sixth false belief about money: if you have money, you should save it for a “rainy” day. What to do that for? On the contrary, the money should be invested to business, and it will make even more money then. As a result, your “rainy” day will never come!

And finally, the most widespread and nastiest false belief: if I was born poor – I will die poor as well, there is nothing to do with a fate. This is a great way to shift responsibility for your life to some external circumstances. Such a statement was created by those people who do not want to do anything. In fact, most of the world-famous billionaires came from poor families.

Do you agree with the fact that all these 7 statements should be forgotten by people if they want to become happy, confident, and successful? What are your thoughts concerning all the information you’ve read? You are welcome to share them in comments.

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Top 7 Misconceptions About Money We All Believe In

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