Chunghwa Telekom, Telecom, Far EasTone, KG Telecom, Cellular Taiwan WAP, 4G, EDGE, 2G, MMS, 3G Manual Internet APN Settings

Chunghwa Telecom “Are you a Chunghwa Telekom, Telecom, Far EasTone, KG Telecom or Cellular Taiwan network subscriber? Do you own an internet supported mobile smartphone? Or you own that mobile device which has capacity to access the web? How about visiting your popular websites like YouTube and streaming all of your videos from the comfort of your office or home? Regardless of your need to be connected to the internet, this post has it all when it comes to configuring your device.

In order to set up or configure your mobile, PC or smartphone device to for full data and internet access, you will need to follow the device connectivity procedures. The APN field matters a lot and you can even leave all others untouched (if your provider supports so). In put the below settings, save and you are done.

Chunghwa Telekom Internet Settings

Name – Chunghwa Telekom
APN – internet
Username – guest

Cellular Taiwan Internet settings

Name – Cellular Taiwan
APN – internet
Username – guest

KG Telecom Taiwan WAP settings

Name – KG Telecom
APN – internet
Username – guest

Far EasTone WAP settings

Name – Far EasTone
APN – ifetnet01
Username – guest

Telecom Taiwan 3g Settings

Name – Telecom Taiwan
APN – emome
Username – guest

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Those are the manual internet configurations for Chunghwa Telekom, Telecom, Far EasTone, KG Telecom or Cellular Taiwan mobile internet provider. You can as well request these settings automatically to your device following the prompts in your mobile service option. Alternatively, calling the toll free helpline will help you get these settings and there by easing you the manual set up.

Regardless of the device you are using eg Nokia, Samsung, iTel, Android, iDroid, iPhone, OS, Tecno and etc, having access to the internet means ability to enjoy social applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Viber and all others you know. You simply add the setup on your device and off you are on the chat. If you are on another internet service provider other than Chunghwa Telekom, Telecom, Far EasTone, KG Telecom or Cellular Taiwan, simply check out other posts about the same right on this site.

These same data settings can be used to access both 2g, 3g, 4, mms, gprs on mobile and computer. For computer users, simply add the access pint name under APN and save your USB dongle or modem settings. Connect and you are done”.

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