ClipClaps Review 2024! Is App Legit and Paying or Scam?

This is my honest review of the ClipClaps app. If you’ve been asking yourself whether ClipClaps is legitimate and worth spending your valuable time on, or simply another scam website you shouldn’t waste your time on, reading this post will help you discover the hidden truth and facts about the same.

This review is based on my experience as a ClipClaps user thus meaning that whatever I am sharing below is a fact about this Android and iPhone application. As you know me, I am not the kind who loves jumping to conclusions about something before testing, and the same thing is what I have applied to ClipClaps, which is why I am also attaching a payment screenshot to confirm my words.

What is the ClipClaps app?

ClipClaps is a free-to-join smartphone application available on Apple apps and the Google Play Store. From their website, Grand Channel Entertainment Limited reserves the right, thus proving how this company is the one behind this earning application which is described as Cash for Laughs. Indeed, it is a cash-for-laughs app since it allows you to watch your favorite videos as you laugh while getting paid for every second you spend watching.

Once you download ClipcClaps for PC or install the mod apk app on your smartphone, you can create your account using a Google account or Facebook account, choose your gender, pick a nickname, upload your profile picture, and tap next to select the content you are interested in.

You can then start earning rewards by clicking the rewards button. As a new user, checking in daily for the first 7 days guarantees you up to $1.50 free money. You have an option to also get the ClipClaps free $40 dollars and even earn more using the redeem code.

But of course, how to earn fast in ClipClaps depends on how you utilize the app. They include Spinning the wheel, a lucky roll, playing raffle, watching videos, playing games, referring others to join, and more. All these daily tasks are designed to allow you to earn more and more which is why ClipClaps is one of the best make-money apps.

How to redeem on ClipClaps

Turning your rewards from the app into cash is done by redeeming. Once you tap the redeem button, you will be asked to enter your redeem clapcode. The clapcode is found under your profile below the profile picture. You can access it by tapping Me from within your app. You also exchange your coins into PayPal cash, etc thus allowing you to fully enjoy your earnings.

Is the ClipClaps app legit or a scam?

Let me be honest and straight on this. The fact is that ClipClaps used to be legit. It was very legitimate and continued paying members for engaging in the above-said rewards until recently when things started changing with many redeeming and payments being rejected. If you can see images in this post, now look at the screenshot of the payment proof confirming how Grand Channel Entertainment Limited paid me money via PayPal after redeeming. In case you were looking for a paying app to join and earn extra cash, please consider joining under this Referral link so that both of us can benefit from the unlimited coins, of course, with a lot of care.

Final Verdict

The ClipClaps app used to be very legitimate and highly recommended to those who are looking to earn extra cash “hack” from the comfort of where they are right from their smartphone devices in 2024. With lots of reward options available for example playing games, watching videos, referring, etc, you have plenty of ways to even earn more. Therefore, simply join and try. In case you don’t get paid, you can let go of it and go for other legit sites.

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