How To Replace A Lost National ID In Kenya [RIS I]

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Kenya Lost National ID card

This article covers on how to replace a lost national ID in Kenya. And if you have lost yours, reading this and following what is in here will help you get that duplicate and or replacement card. And like we seen, “having a government issued Kenyan National ID card is one of the requirements for every adult (18 plus years of age) in this East African country”.

And yes, the Kenyan law required every person who is 18 years and above to have a national identity card, besides the different uses an ID serves for example, during “opening a bank account, registering a business, for employment, acquire a driving license, transact mobile phone banking and others, just like it is in the many different countries both in Africa, Asia, Europe and others where national identity cards are given to citizens.” Therefore, having lost national ID means the need to replace it.

If you are a citizen of country Kenya, and or one who qualifies to get a Kenyan national ID card, and happens to have lost or misplaced yours, then this article is for you. “But still, you can too read it even if you are not one of the two above since somewhere somehow, you might be able to help one in need who may not be able to access it.” Below are the different steps.

Requirements for getting a replacement National ID in Kenya

1. A police report (abstract)
2. ID number or a copy of the lost ID
3. Passport size photographs

How to apply for a duplicate National ID

Visit the nearest Registrar of Persons Center in Kenya. You can too visit the National Registration Bureau or its sub offices located in your area and ask for a replacement. You will be given a form to fill after which you will submit it and wait for your duplicate or replacement National ID

How To Replace A Lost National ID In Kenya [RIS I]

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  1. Hi team,if I lost my national ID card and I don’t remember the ID no or the ID serial no,what should I do to obtain the duplicate?


  2. Hi team. Please advice on the procedure of replacing and time taken to replace a mutilated Kenyan national id card.

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