How to Convert Multiple WebP Files Into PNG Simultaneously?

Convert Multiple WebP Files Into PNG

When compared to more common formats like JPG or PNG, the WebP picture format is considered good for its ability to preserve image quality while claiming smaller file sizes. However, WebP is not supported by all platforms or applications, so it can be difficult to handle a WebP file sometimes. This is why you should convert this image file to another reliable image format that is supported by every browser. If you need to convert several WebP photos into the commonly used PNG format.

This article offers a straightforward and general guide for batch WebP to PNG conversion.

Why Convert from WebP to PNG?

Going to convert your WEBP to PNG? You must know why it is important for someone to turn WEBP into PNG.

  • Not all platforms and software are compatible with WebP. More people are familiar with PNG as a format.
  • Transparent backgrounds are supported in both WebP and PNG, but PNG transparency may work better on some platforms.
  • Because PNG is a lossless format, it may be better suited for additional editing and adjustments without compromising quality.

Methods to Convert WebP to PNG:

Although there are, several methods available for converting the WEBP file into a PNG file. However, we will explore the two basic rules to turn WEBP into PNG properly.

Online WEBP to PNG Converters:

Online WEBP to PNG converters are practical tools that do not need any software to be installed. They operate straight from your browser. Here is how to apply them:

Search for a Reliable Converter:

Try typing “batch WebP to PNG online converter” into your preferred search engine to get started.

Upload Your Files:

There will typically be a “Upload” or “Drag & Drop” feature on online converters. Upload several WebP files that you have chosen from your PC.

Choose the Output Format:

Before using a converter, always ensure that the output format is set to PNG.

Start the Conversion:

The “Start” or “Convert” button should be clicked. It depends on the quantity and size of the files, the operation could take a couple of seconds to several minutes. 

Download the Converted Files:

The PNG files can normally be downloaded after the conversion is finished. For easy downloading, certain platforms may compress the files into a zip bundle.

Although internet converters are practical, use caution when submitting private or sensitive photographs because privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Software-Based Conversion:

There are different software-based solutions available on the internet that are more reliable and are capable of managing numerous files without a network connection. ImageMagick is a popular piece of free software. Here is how to apply it:

Download and Install ImageMagick:

Visit the ImageMagick website’s official page and download the version that is compatible with your operating system. Moreover, observe the installation guidelines.

Open the Command Line or Terminal:

Access the command line (Windows) or terminal (Mac and Linux).

Navigate to the Folder with WebP Files:

To go to the folder holding your WebP photos, use the ‘cd’ command and the directory path.

This command instructs ImageMagick to convert all files in the current directory with the WEBP to PNG extension.

Check the Results:

All of your WebP files will have PNG versions once you run the command and look in the same directory.


Multiple WebP files can be easily converted to PNG using either a software-based solution or an online WEBP to PNG converter for example, provides a quick method that only needs to convert each image individually. For smaller jobs, internet converters are quick and simple, but for larger quantities, software-based techniques like ImageMagick give greater control and efficiency.

In either case, you can make sure your images are in the correct format and prepared for any program or platform that demands PNG with a little extra work.

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