How To Download Uganda Public Service PSC Form 3

Uganda Public Service PSC Form 3 Download A duly filled and signed Uganda Public Service PSC Form 3 revised 2008 is mandatory for all who want, and or seeking to join the Uganda government Jobs. This is because, the form contains all about what should be known with regard to the advertised job application and the applicant including personal information, academic qualifications, working experience and many others like they are required to be filled on the freely available form.

Government jobs in Uganda are contracted through the public service commission through the respective departments and or offices. Whether you are looking for professional or non professional, be a driver, secretary, clerk, education office, health and medical officers, sub county and parish chiefs, teachers and any other, the PSC form 3 revised 2008 is your starting point.

Now that you have seen how important this form is, I am sure you are asking where to download it from, and or how to download it from not so? The answer is right here and below are the different ways on how you can get access to this government employment opportunities as we all know that they are paying and come with added benefits like pension and NSSF.

1. Begin by pointing your web browser to, the Public service commission web portal.

Public service commission portal

2. Look out for “Downloads” and click on the corresponding link.

Uganda PSC download section

3. Click on the form you want to download (PSC Form 3) and wait PDF reader to load.

Click PSC Form 3 application

4. On your right hand side, look out for the download link (marked in red in image) and wait for prompt to save.

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Download PSC application form 3 Uganda

Chose a location of your choice on the computer, laptop, mobile phone, memory card and or flash drive and save your file. You can print later and or, simply click on the Printer icon and print the Uganda public service commission form 3 using the printer attached to your computer. It is all simple and easy to get this government employment form.

This form after being filled and attached all corresponding documents is submitted to the office which the Job advert indicates for being responsible for receiving applications for the related job. You should always note where to submit and too filling the required number of copies which are in many cases 3.

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