Ezoic Freelancing Company Review! Is it Legit or a Scam?

ezoic freelancing company reviews

Wondering whether Ezoic freelancing company contracts are legitimate and worth joining and spending your valuable time on, or simply scam and a waste of time, this review is a must-read if you really want to know the truth.

A few days back, I was contacted on Meta (WhatsApp) by someone who wasn’t on my phonebook contact list. The sender was introducing me to the Ezoic freelancing company details requesting me to join and be hired for good pay. The sender went on to tell me more about the kind of jobs that were available right from typing, data entry, email respondents, etc, which all seemed high paying. He wound up by referring to the project link asking me to register and pay some little joining fees in order to get started – Sadly, the sender deleted the messages before I had taken a screenshot.

When I first opened the message, I was like wow, from email type of correspondence now to WhatsApp, Ezoic must be in “Love” with me. This was because as an Ezoic user, all of their correspondences are mostly via @ezoic.com email messages as opposed to WhatsApp. Secondly, I visited the Ezoic website but found nothing related to that be in the community forum which I am used to. And when I checked out the Ezoic Facebook community group where the majority of users log on and ask their questions, and which are mainly answered by CMO Tyler Bishop, I saw nothing related.

I was forced to first confirm the legitimacy of the said freelancing contract before I even responded to the sender. It is when I landed on this “Ezoic Freelancer Contract Work” and confirmed that the sender and their entire message were not legit but a pure baseless scam. On the Ezoic official post, it was very clear.

When you come across anyone claiming to be from Ezoic that is not, please report them to whatever platforms or tools they are using.  Freelancer, WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, all have tools to report fraud.  You should also report them to your local law enforcement. 


Is Ezoic Freelancing Contracts Scam or legit?

If you’ve been reading minus skipping, the answer is already up. Those so-called contracts are scams and not known by Ezoic. Therefore, if you join, you are doing so at your own risk since Ezoic as a company is not associated with any of the freelancing contracts.


If you really want to start making money via Ezoic, you need to do so using the approved means. You should have a website, connect it to Ezoic, WordPress free hosting and monetize your site using their artificial intelligence technology. This way you will be working at home while increasing revenue, improving UX, and growing your audience.

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