Reviews! Is Scam or Legit?

File-up-org review

If you are onto paid to upload files online money-making options, you might have already heard about is a unique file uploading site that pays users when their uploaded files are downloaded (PPD). If you have been wondering whether it is legit or a scam, then read this review. is now 7 months plus some few days old. According to whois data, the site was registered on 2018-12-14 thus meaning that its availability today is a sign that it has made it for the last 7 months plus. But, does this mean that they are legitimate and worth spending time with or simply another scam like many other sites? Find out below.

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What is

Like other paid to upload sites, pays members when their files are downloaded. The more files you upload and get downloaded, the higher your chances of earning based on the payment amount per download. In brief, they offer free cloud storage for your data and then pay you when your files have been downloaded.

How it works?

On this free cloud storage provider, you, first of all, need an account that is free. Once your account is created, you can now find interesting files to upload and share. The more files you upload with higher exposure, the more your chances of earning higher since the more your files are exposed, the more they are downloaded and thus earning.

How do you upload files on

Upload files to file-up-org
  • File upload in dashboard
  • Remote upload your files
  • Copy files
  • FTP upload offers a number of ways to upload your files onto cloud storage. You can do it using either of the above. Either option you chose, at least you know your files will be uploaded.

How much can you make uploading files?

File-up-org earnings

The amount of money you can make is largely determined by a number of factors among which include downloader’s location. If for example your visitor is located in the US, Canada or UK, you will earn more compared to when the one downloading is located in say, Africa. As for me, my CPM is stable at 0.002$ per download.

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How do you get paid?

This is kind of interesting. File-up-org supports a number of payment processors. You can get paid through Paypal, Vodafone Cash, WebMoney, Skrill, Orange Money, and Flexy Dz. More on their faqs page. Payments are on a weekly basis.

Is legit or Scam?

As far as I know, based on my personal experience, the site is legit. The site pays and I have payment proofs though couldn’t upload them on this thread. The site is worth trying with the only problem being earnings being very small compared to what other services pay for the same.

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