Fix/Solution For Google Play Store The Application (process Has Stopped Unexpectedly. Please Try Again. Force Close

This is a tutorial on how to fix the Google Play Store The Application (process has stopped Unexpectedly. Please Try Again. Force Close error which is very common in the different smartphones devices running the Android Operating System. And regardless the device you own whether a Samsung Galaxy SCL, 9003, 70h archos, S3, Alcatel one touch and any other, reading this tutorial will help you find some possible alternative solutions which can help you out.

What causes the above error?

The above error of Google Play Store The Application (process has stopped Unexpectedly. Please Try Again. Force Close does occur as a result of more than a single reason for example, part of the files being corrupted, having the application uninstalled and reinstalled and many others as per the different reasons.

In case you out of blue started seeing this error, below are some of the ways you can go about having it fixed and solved so as to have your Google Android powered OS device working fine and well again.

Alternative solutions and fixes for The Application (process has stopped Unexpectedly. Please Try Again. Force Close error.

#1- Do away with all all updates to the GooglePlay application. Yes, you can do this by going to settings, applications, manage applications, select all, hit on GooglePlay, hit on uninstall updates and select “Error process has been interrupted in Google Play”. Restart your device and you will be done.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

#2 – Perform a Factory default settings. Yes, this is another alternative. You need to go to settings and do a manual reset to factory default. This will attempt to restore our device and everything will be working and okay again after restart.

#3 – Use Root Explore to permanently delete and reinstall a fresh Google Play app. You can read more about how it works on linked post.

#4 – Perform a device hard reset. You will need to use keys Vol+ and power on.

#5 Perform a software upgrade. This should be done with a computer. You can take your device to the software phone technician, agree on the cost and let him or her work on your device simple.

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  1. Great article. I have fixed my Google play store error using your recommendation.
    Keep up sharing the best tutorials.
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