How To Hard Reset ZYNC Cloud Z5 Dual

In order to hard reset your ZYNC Cloud Z5 Dual android smartphone, you will have to follow the following below procedures and steps.

1. Turn off your Huawei ZYNC Cloud Z5 Dual.

2. Press the Volume up key and the Power key at the same time.

3. When phone vibrates, release the power key and continue holding the volume key.

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4. When android logo displays, release the volume key.

5. Press power key.

6. Navigate using volume up and volume down keys

7. Select Wipe data / factory reset

8. Press Power key or volume up to select

9. Select Yes all user data and press volume up or power key

Wait for data to be formatted and press power key to reboot. You are done with your ZYNC Cloud Z5 Dual hard reset.

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