How Do I Prevent Google Chrome Extensions From Crashing?

I am using the latest version of Google chrome browser. Sadly, all of installed extensions keeps crashing on Windows 7. I have tried the different options including disabling and re-enabling, removing and re-installing, enabling developer mode and etc but all in vain.

For sure, the Chrome extensions I have activated are very useful in my day-to-day web browsing since they serve different purposes. For example, I have [[[Keyword]]] everywhere keyword tool which is very vital in keyword usage during topic and content research. I also have Gmail notifier which allows me read new messages as they arrive, and also responding to them without loading full page.

For the past two weeks now, I have tried to search for a working solution but still failed. My Google chrome browser extensions have continued to crash on startup, during page action and anytime they wish which has continued to let me down since I can no longer make real use of them.

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Reading the different tutorials on the same off the different website suggested the below as possible solutions;

  • Enabling background apps.
  • Enabling developer mode.
  • Turning them off and on
  • Repairing of the crashed
  • Restarting browser.
  • Turning computer on and off, etc

Truth is, I have tried all of them but all in vain. I really hate to see those chrome apps crash just like that without knowing the cause not even having a working solution. I also read this thread but got no working solution.

Others errors include, “google chrome not responding windows 7”, “not enough memory to open this page”, “not enough memory to load page windows 10”, “failed to update” and etc. I wonder whether my computers are getting old or simply something else. But why all of a sudden??

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Every time I suffer this, there is a message “Click this balloon to reload the extension”. Doing as recommended will turn them back on but will repeat the same process again and again. I also tried “system preferences > users and groups > login items and remove Chrome from the list of Login Items” but still with no luck.

Way forward??

If you have gone through this same issue and managed to solve it, i will be very glad if you could share your working solution to “Chrome extensions crashing”. This will not only help me but any other who might be suffering from the same problem. Comments are opened and you are welcome to share..

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