How Do You Swap A Domain Name On Ezoic?

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Being a Google-certified partner, Ezoic is well known for being an intelligent platform that helps publishers skyrocket their earnings between 50 – 250% – see how to improve EPMV. In order to get approved, publishers must link a domain name with the minimum requirements, among which include 10k monthly traffic.

But, what if one wishes to swap a domain name for one reason or another? Is this possible? And if it is, how exactly does one go about the switching process? Does it require the new domain to first meet the minimum requirements for Ezoic approval or swapping doesn’t require such?

This “how do you change a domain name on Ezoic” platform is a question which was emailed to me by a friend. And since personally didn’t know the answer, I choose to publish this question inform of an article with open comments so those who are well aware of how Ezoic operates can help and answer.

From experience, I know it is very possible to swap or change a domain name in Webmaster tools (search console). Following Google’s guide allows you to switch from your current URL to another while retaining your current traffic. Remember, the more the traffic, the higher your earning potential, thus allowing you to enjoy cash at bank ATM.

This means that all of your search keyword ranking, indexed URL’s, etc are automatically moved to the new URL, which allows one not only to maintain current visits but also future visits since slowly by slowly indexes start to switch to the new URL.

If this is possible on the traffic side, could it also mean that Ezoic can allow such a swap? I am not sure and therefore asking if anyone has ever experienced such, please feel free to share using the comment so that “Murshid – the one who sent me this question” finds an answer.

As we wait for the answer, I also asked Murshid to contact their account manager for a direct answer and which I will publish right here as an update.

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