How To Build A Long Lasting House Without Using Cement – Easy Tools & Tips For Use

Long lasting house without cement To many, its believed and grasped that a house can never be built without cement and lasts but to me, I realized that a house can last even without having been built using cement. Just like they say that traveling is seeing and exploring while returning is narrating, the same applies to my recent travel to some parts of the world where I came to realize that a person can be able to build a house, and in fact a long lasting house without the need to use cement, a substance which sets and hardens independently in addition to binding other materials together for example the bricks.

The whole process of building a house without cement is something which rotates around the use of some alternative materials which can be got for free for example an anti-hill soil and cow dung which works as a replacement for cement and as well as sand, a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles which is known to be very useful when making things like concretes and or binding other materials after it has been mixed with cement and or other alternatives as mentioned above.

Having all the above in place and mixing them altogether is the starting point towards having a ready made house although a bad weather is known to be a hindered especially during the construction times for example during the rainy season. It is recommended that one either covers the building with a polythene during the bad season and or it is better to always build using the above materials during the sunny times.

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This trick is very simple to use and adopt as it takes very few resources of both in financial and others which means having a ready house without spending much.

It is assumed that a basin of cow dung mixed with 3 wheel barrows of anti-hill soil can mix up to 6 wheel barrows of sand which one can use to construct some good number of bricks.

One thing to know about this formula is that after the house if finished, one may need to do a full plastering of both the inside and the outside since the materials used can easily get off especially during the rainy season.

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