8 Bubblews.com Alternative Earning Sites 2022

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
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Are you looking for alternative writing sites like Bubblews.com where you will earn in 2022? Do you want to switch your long time thought from Bubblews to a different site so you could earn writing more by joining? This post will help you discover those other sites which you can try and increase on your online earnings.

We know it that making online is one of the fastest growing ways which many people are turning to since one is guaranteed of being paid for work done and in time unlike the traditional work types where by one has to wait until month end in order to be paid his or her monthly salary.

If you are such a person or online money maker, below are the 8 alternatives Bubblews get paid to write sites for 2022.

#1. Postanyarticle.com

On this site, you get paid to write simple posts where by you earn impressions on every view. Your total earnings are calculated basing on the total impressions you earned from your posts and basing on how much the site made. It is free to join and writing is easy.

#2. Crowdanswers.org

This is a revenue sharing site where you get paid to answer and ask questions. You are allowed to add your third party advertising codes like Adsense or Chitika and earn from clicks and impressions. The more impressions you get to your posts, the higher your chances of earning from clicks and its free to join.

#3. Xomba.com

This is a content writing site. You post any article of your choice and earn from advertising royalties. The more articles you have, the more your chances of earning and vice versa.

#4. Wow-womenonwriting.com

If you are a woman with a focus on freelancing,  innovative business ventures or even training, Wow Women on Writing is a match for you.

#5. Link-able.com

Think of a platform which will connect you as a writer to businesses who wants to grow. Link-able does exactly this there by exposing you to thousands of businesses seeking for people to author.

#6. Bmichellepippin.com

If you are ready, and can create original marketing ideas which can help boost a particular business, you got a job. Creativity in marketing and etc will make you be hired to do such tasks for business owners via B. Michelle Pippin.

#7. Sitepoint.com

If you are web professional at designing and development, Site Point is a one service you can get from work. Your expertise will get you paid.

#8. Whatculture.com

If you are an entertainment fan who loves culture, you are ready to get started with What Culture.

#9. Forumcoin.com

If you can work on forums, try out Forumcoin.com, another paid to writing legit site I have tried and found it worth to help bring in some extra buck.

8 Bubblews.com Alternative Earning Sites 2022

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