How to Check for Uganda Police Traffic Fines

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by KWS Adams
check Uganda police traffic fines

With very many used vehicles being sold every day in Uganda, many people especially those who have already bought or even planning to involve in such “used car” transactions need to understand the process on how to cross check for Uganda police traffic fines a particular motor vehicle / car has pending payments.

This is because of the fact that such fines will not be retained by the previous owner of the motor car since they are attached directly to the number plate there by making the new owner a victim once got. In this article, I am sharing with you an answer to this popular question of “how do i check police traffic penalty fines for vehicles in Uganda?”.

If you are planning to buy a used motor vehicle or even having one you just acquired, you may want to cross check something to do with the traffic fines since this will save you from the hassles which comes after you land in the traffic guys who might end up taking your number plate if caught as an express penalty defaulter.

Why I chose to share this is because the same thing happened to when I bought a used Mitsubishi L200 without cross checking its traffic fines only to discover after my number plate was cut by the traffic officer who told me how I had to pay 600,000UGX (Six hundred thousand shillings).

Trust me, you too wouldn’t believe this though it was something true. Off I was advised on how I would confirm, make a payment and thereafter pick my vehicle registration number plate from IOV Naguru. What happened to me isn’t something I would want you go through and which is why I shared this below using EPS sms number.

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The sad thing is that previously, there was an All network number which any one would send the vehicle number to and a response containing the traffic fine details would be texted. This looks to have been scrapped. Upon successfully verifying the amounts owed to you, then follow here to make your payment.

How to check for Uganda police vehicle traffic fines

Option 1: On your Mobile, send EPS text message to 8888. It should be like this! Enter 8888 as the number to send the message to and type EPS followed by your car number eg EPS UAX000Z and send to 8888. Shortly, you will receive a text message from the same number containing details of your unpaid tickets. Please note that sometimes this option will work instantly, sometimes a short delay might be there and sometimes, you won’t be able to get a response in case of some errors.

Option 2: You can get access to this information by accessing Uganda Police Inspectorate of Vehicles offices Naguru (Opposite Spear motors), Nateete station, Katwe station, Old Kampala station, Wandegeya, etc . What you need is the motor vehicle registration number which will be checked and details about its traffic fines and pending uganda revenue authority traffic fines payment tickets including when it was issued, who it was issued and etc provided.

How to Check for Uganda Police Traffic Fines

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