How To Create An Educational Blog?

Educational blogging is an important tool that makes teaching and learning easier for both teachers and students. Many educators are already using blogs to integrate technology into their class discussions and lectures. Blogging has become an excellent educational tool where students can work to develop their writing, communication, and other essential skills that they will need in their future careers.

According to some studies, academic institutions are already allowing their teachers to implement educational blogging in the classroom because of the huge improvement that they see in their students.

Blogging is an activity where you create a blog or page where you can write a post as many as you can and publish it on your own website. There are many free blog services where you can create an account that offers blogging services. Once you are registered on it you can easily design your blog interface.

Here are some examples of blogging services where you can create your blog –,,,,,, etc. Once you have a blog, you can now proceed with the next steps in making your educational blog.

1. Know the focus of your blog

If your blog is intended for school purposes then you have to publish insightful contents of a specific topic that attracts the interest of your target audience. If your blog is about literature then you should only post meaningful content that helps to the development of the reader’s literacy.

2. Get Safe Online

As you create your very own blogging site, make sure that you fully understand the importance of cyber safety. Anyone can post on the web and sometimes some students use this opportunity to bully other students. Remember, internet safety is important. You must be aware of this to avoid getting at risk in any illegal issues or activities.

3. Identify the purpose of educational blogging

What are your objectives in using educational blogging in your studies? You created a blog not only for personal purposes but for your academic improvement. Just like what was mentioned above, educational blogging has lots of advantages to students, and part of it is providing an authentic educational experience for different academic subjects. If you know the purpose why you used blogging in the classroom you would enjoy connecting with it, maximizing its resources, and have fun sharing your ideas.

4. Equip yourself on the complete process of blogging

There are lots of things that you can do in creating an educational blog aside from sharing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You can put images, videos, and create your own theme on your blog. Educational blogging is not only for the benefits and learning of students, but it is also for teachers as well. Blogging is for everyone. Anyone can create their blog and connect to people. It is a great way of developing social and personal skills.

5. Keep track on your blogging progress

One of the benefits of educational blogging is you can able to see how much you progress over the semester. Make use of your blogging experience to improve your education. Learn how you can produce good content and how you can develop a solid understanding of modern technology.

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