How To Fix Dstv / Gotv Account Has Been Suspended

Gotv and Dstv Error codes Are you seeing the error message of Dstv or Gotv account suspended even after you have paid your subscription? You shouldn’t worry since reading this post will help you solve and fix the problem easily and by your own self. It so happens that many Dstv and Gotv subscribers tend to encounter this error of account suspended especially when they take long to renew their subscriptions where by upon payment and recharging, the decoder will continue to show account suspended.

That is why in this post, I am sharing with you some of the alternatives re-activation options you can try out by your self, so as to have your Dstv or Gotv account reactivated from the suspended mode. And below are the alternative ways you should try out in your bid to solve the suspended error on your decoder. Also, you can read on how to solve error codes e48-23 and e016.

Restarting your Dstv or Gotv decoder

Please don’t confuse restarting and resetting since the two terms are different from one another. Here, I am talking about restarting your decoder by way of turning it off and unplugging it off power for some seconds like 60. After, you should put back your decoder into power and restart it again. This is a way to clear any network generated error and many share how it works for them.

Use the Gotv or Dstv self help service web portal

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By accessing the self help portal, you will be able to solve more than a single issue or error. You only need to enter your IUC number and pressing the clear button. This will help your decoder cleared and the suspended error is most likely to disppear upon restarting your device.

Call Dstv / Gotv customer care numbers basing on your country

One of the last alternative ways to have your account re-activated from the suspended mode is to call the customer service help numbers. Explain your error to them and they will do a remote reset from their end. This is another proven way to go about this problem easily. You can use the contact numbers 0312245245, 0312246220 for DSTVUganda, 0711066000, 0204236000 DSTVKenya, 08039003788 DSTVNigeria and or, walk in to any of the Multi-choice offices in your country or state or city.

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35 Responses

  1. Odeseye says:

    Good morning, please help me I subscribe to my gotv account this morning and I discovered is been suspended after payment, this is my gotv code 7020813496

  2. Werner says:

    DSTV and M Net client fpr more than 20 years My DSTV was disconnected due to non payment just after the 16th of June it is now the 2 of July if I pay I need to pay for a full month with reconnection although I did not have the ability to watch as my service has been suspended I would need to pay again on the 16th of July this is a rip of how can I pay for no service I do not have a contract only month to month ….. please help me if I am wrong

  3. Peter says:

    pls help me out my gotv is suspended 2020982830

    • KWS Adams says:

      Please renew your subscription and make a call to customer care. Read them your account number and you will have it activated. You can alternatively wait for a few minutes and it will be back

  4. Dayo Aliu says:

    I’m from Nigeria, my account is suspended, my IUC is 7018760610, please fix it

    • KWS Adams says:

      Have you tried calling customer care? Calling them and reading your IUC number will help you get the problem solved. Thanks for the comment

  5. Dayo Aliu says:

    I paid 1,250 subscription after 2mths of not subscribing but I’ve been paying 3,650 before. I paid online and they say my account has been suspended. Please help me rectify this, i want to watch world cup!!!

    • KWS Adams says:

      I can see you paid less when compared with your usual subscription. If you were changing a subscription plan, you might consider calling customer care or using the app to change the plan.

  6. Some says:

    My gotv account is currently suspended and on searching channels does not show any channels found. Signal strength and quality is in higher level my iuc number is 2017015715 please help

    • KWS Adams says:

      Sorry for the interruptions Some. Please try to cross check your Aerial and see if it is in the right position. You can also change it and see if it works. But if this is due to account suspended, then try to contact GOTV customer care helpline depending on where you are and let them know about your issue. Yes you may have paid and activation may take sometime. Contacting support will help you have the issue resolved urgently.

  7. Ahhfjk says:

    I recently Paid via Quickteller yet my acct is still suspended,
    GoTV payment of NGN 1,900.00 for 2014201844 was successful. REF: 10942561348819

    Kindly help me reactivate my Account which I have not used since almost a year now.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Ahhfjk, sometimes it takes time a just paid subscription to be activated depending on the mode of payment used. I would advise you call customer service to speed up your activation or keep waiting a little longer.

  8. hidressstore says:

    Please re-activate my Gotv account 7023577884

  9. Joseph tukai says:

    My ICU 2017164833 is suspended please help me

  10. Sanni Adeola says:

    Please kindly help me re-activate my account. My IUC number is this (2003683338) Thanks.

  11. Engr Oyejide Akinboro says:

    Activate my suspended account my IUC 2020985240

  12. King says:

    I paid my Gotv twice a row but no reviews yet, my IUC number is 4620824660 name KAURE – Namibia ,Windhoek.

  13. olojede pelumi says:

    please help me re-activate my Gotv account it has been suspended.i need to IUC NUMBER is 2021789080…the name of the account is OLOJEDE phone numbers are 09061746725 and 08023945659….lagos state …nigeria

    • KWS Adams says:

      If you have paid your subscription, your account should have been re-activated by now. Just in case it isn’t yet, then respond to thread. Thank you for the comment Pelumi

  14. Nathaniel egwaoje says:

    I have just paid 1900 today for gotv iuc 7017562310 it is still showing error16. This is why I first abandoned the service

  15. Afer Joy says:

    Please my gotv just expired after subscribing it’s showing account suspended please help me check my name is Afer Joy Iuc number: 7013590371

  16. Joseph says:

    Activate these suspended accounts for me
    IUC NO. 7017616720

    IUC NO. 2017086944

  17. Oluwasegun Adeniran says:

    Please help me to re_activate my Gotv account it has been suspend now. I need to reactivate. My IUC No is this (2004434503) please do it in time for me, my is *Oluwasegun Adeniran* +2348066490055* Abeokuta Ogun State*Nigeria

  18. Faruq says:

    Dstv company is not functioning anymore.I have been calling them since
    so that they will rectify my dstv problem since last week and they are not answering me

  19. Faruq says:

    Dstv company is not functioning anymore.I have been calling them since

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