How To Fix For No Access! Smartcard Not Paired Startimes Digital TV Decoder

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
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This tutorial is about how to solve and fix the Startimes Decoder error of No Access – Smartcard No paired. And yes, if you have just purchased or bought a Startimes digital decoder so as to tune in to the new digital world as required by the Uganda Communication commission, this article is for you to read. Startimes is one of the key players in the Ugandan Digital Migration and is known to have been in existence alongside the well known Multichoice owned DSTV. According to their website, its shared that they got a number of subscribers who are connected to this Chinese originated Digital TV provider.

The above is not all but just a simple intro. The No Acess – Smartcard no paired error is a very common problem to the new subscribers where by the majority don’t know what to do while some simple remain stranded with the only option being taking back the Star times Digital set box and reporting it as not working. Others will wait for a number of days before watching their paid and subscribed channels and which isn’t worth basing on the fact that there is an option which can solve the errors above instantly even without leaving your home, office or anywhere you have been connected to. Read how to recharge using your Mobile.

Before you start thinking of having been cheated as many think, saying that you bought junk, talking of the decoder not working and any other query you might have, why not try out some of the below like I did so that you can go online. Also read how to get a free decoder from Startimes

Alternative Ways To Solve The Fix / Solve The No Access – Smartcard Not Paired For Star Times Digital TV Decoder

Before you get started, you should note that where you bought your decoder matters. If you buy directly from their service centers or shops, you will get instant activation. But if you buy from the street agents and sub-agents, chances are that you will either do the below to get connected (solve problem) or wait for some few days in order to be subscribed.

Personally, I bought one from the streets and it had already been past 2 days without activation. That’s when I found a smart way to have my problem fixed and which I proven to be working and worth.

You need to be with your reciept of purchase and having taken note of your Startimes Smartcard number and your top box serial numbers. once you have them, you should simply call Star Times Customer Helpline number on 0417117700, tell anyone who picks up your problem (the error above), read your card number and box serial, you will be helped and within only a few minutes like 5, you will be on air and watching your favorite Channels.

How To Fix For No Access! Smartcard Not Paired Startimes Digital TV Decoder

20 thoughts on “How To Fix For No Access! Smartcard Not Paired Startimes Digital TV Decoder

  1. Please do me a favour. activate my decoder I have bolt now but the channels not waking Card Number is 31622816470392706 / 00676729276 thank you..

  2. Please, I just got a Startimes Digital TV and signal strength is 0% though I stay where there is no mobile phone network signal.
    What can I do to start watching my TV channels?

    1. Mahmoud, please call or visit Startimes service center near you for activation of your decorder. Hope this helps and thanks for the comment.

  3. startimes agent
    my customer decoder is not giving me picture writing no access not subscribed
    and there is 800 nova bouquet in side it smart card no:02110615137
    name buhari serial no:29252813091847216

  4. My decoder no. 28712815194570403 and . 00665717003. Bukedde2 & face tv are not paired card no. 02036941072

  5. My decoder is giving the signal smartcard not paired on OGTV and NTA Abeokuta. Decoder no is 29272813114496962 / 02110780367

  6. my decoder is also shows that smart card not paired on some channels
    Smart card number:01819540597
    Phone number:0703912234

  7. Get free airtime from star-times even when you don’t have decoder. Just try the application and you are done.

  8. my decoder in not paired and its still new . SmartCard Series 01819529381, Nova Bounquet Name Maneno Faluku, Home Adress Portbell, phone No. 0758280073.

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