How To Get A Toll Free 0800 Phone Number In Uganda

Uganda Toll Free Number Toll free numbers are simply known as those special phone numbers which to clients or customers can call on them totally and 100% free and which is not the case with other telephone numbers for example the landlines, the mobile phones and others like VOIP calls.

On a Toll free number whether its in Uganda or any other country, the client simply dials that particular number for example 0800 117000 tollfree for Uganda Revenue Authority, 0800 185186 toll-free for UMEME, 0800 170000, NWSC, Heath, NIRA for mobile number change and many others in order to make a call and is not charged nor does pay any cent regardless of the GSM provider is calling from. And just like it is in the different countries both in Africa and other continents, Uganda is one of those countries which have local support for Toll free numbers for those who want to acquire it for whatever purpose they make have.

Such Toll free numbers are commonly used and suitable for use by Utility Service Provider Companies, Government Parastatals (Organizations or Bodies), Non Governmental Organizations, Voluntary Organizations, Business and Marketing Services, Security Services, Emergency Services Providers and many others for purposes of easing their communication gaps and the community or clients.

While getting a Toll free number might require a few minutes of setting up, paying and having access to your number online or over the internet, that is not the case with the offline options from the different local Toll free line providers in Uganda. The whole process requires some forms of identifications in addition to paying the required fee in order for one to get started.

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Where To Get The Toll-Free Number in Uganda?

In Uganda, there are different Tollfree number providers for example Uganda Telecom (UTL), MTN Uganda and others where by upon fulfilling their requirements as you will see below, one gets access to the TF number almost immediately.

Uganda Telecom Toll Free Number Requirements

1. Set up fee which is currently $40 or UG SHS 100,000/=
2. Initial deposit of $ 198 or UG SHS 500,000/=
3. Valid identification documents.
4. And others as may be required at any one time.

MTN Uganda Toll Free Number Requirements

1. A deposit of $ 198 UGX 500,000 is required.
2. Valid identification documents.
3. And any others as may be required.
*Prices are subject to change at any one time.

Note: The above prices may change from time to time. You too have the optionto get your own preferred number on both providers.

Once you have all of the above and depending on which provider you choose to get your number from, you can visit any of their service branches in order to get started and or visit for UTL and for MTN to make more inquiries.

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