How To Go About Changing Your PayPal Account Password – Requirements & Procedures

Do you want to change your PayPal password? Are you looking for an easier way to do it? Do you know what you should know and or have in mind? Do you know the requirements? How about how exactly to go about the whole procedure? Regardless of whatever reason you may be having for the changes, this post will help you from step one to the last one.

PayPal is a payment processor which allows people to create free personal, premier and business accounts so as to start using the services offered by the Giant funds processor with millions of users. And just like any other account, you are required to have a password for your account protection and security privacy.

And the same password can be changed at any one time basing on the reason one may want to do so. What you should know is that while other accounts which require the same process may be easier, its not the case with PayPal since there are some information you should fill and which must be matching with the ones on your account.

This means that before you get started or even think of changing your account password, you need to have or know that information and which may involve but not limited to your credit card and or bank account information (the one linked on your account.

Once you have them, follow the below steps to change your account Password for your Pay Pal.

1. Log in to your PayPal account using your account info.

2. Click on Profile and wait for page to load.

3. Click Change next to Password/Security questions.

4. Choose Password and wait for page to load.

5. Click Edit and either enter your Credit Card info or linked bank account info.

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6. Enter your current password and the new password.

7. Repeat new password and save.

You will see a notification that password successfully changes and the same message ill be sent to your email address.

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