PayPal Account Ghana – How To Create, Verify, Send & Receive Payments?

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A question of How to create and verify, send and receive PayPal payments in Ghana is one which keeps burning to both individuals and businesses who offer services beyond boundaries for example selling Ghanian made products and items online to peope from different countries like on eBay and those other individuals who make money online with of a hope of being paid through PayPal.

This is because Ghana is among the list of blacklisted countries which are not allowed to create and own a PayPal account unlike others which can at least create accounts to send money only. And with PayPal being one of top and trusted payment processors, many people including those from Blacklisted countries would want to and continue to use it when it comes to dealing with money online.

When you check the different website, you will find so many different tutorials with regard on how to create verified PayPal accounts in Ghana although many end up failing to do due to different reasons.

And if you are one who have been seeking for a way you can do the above, may be you got to try this out since many who live in such restricted countries have found it helpful.

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To get started, you need to have the following with you.

1. An active email address.

2. An internet connection with a computer or mobile phone.

3. A generic address and phone number from a different country (Ghana neigborhood) which is supported by PayPal.

And when you are done, do the following below.

1. Visit and select create an account.

2. Select the country who address you saved as above and fill in all the required details.

3. Verify your email and your account will be ready. You can now start sending and receiving payments.

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PayPal Account Ghana – How To Create, Verify, Send & Receive Payments?

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