A List Of 5 Best Tropical Islands To Visit

If you have a checklist or any sort of idea where you want to go and what you want to visit all over the world, at least one of those places is some sort of tropical island. Somehow, everybody has their mind set on some of these heavenly places and they wish to spend some time there. However, not all the islands are the same but all of them have their perks and upsides. Here is the list of the top five tropical islands so that you can choose the one that seems best for you.

Maldives – Some people claim that this is among the most romantic places on Earth. Couple usually decide to visit this island in the Indian Ocean when they want to bring some luxury and romance into their lives. This is the range of thousands of little islands just above the sea level. The best time to visit is from November to May to avoid the monsoon season on these islands.

Fiji – The temperature is constant throughout the year on this amazing range of more than 300 islands. People that come here are mostly couples and young people that visit it in search of fun and watersports. These are volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Good news are that, even though hotels and resorts cost a little fortune, there are guesthouses here that are not that expensive.

Bora Bora – This is the place to come and feel the luxury that is combined with the amazing nature with lot of things to do. The rich and lushly inland is surrounded by unreal lagoon. From there, interesting and beautiful islets called motu spread, making this island just too good to be true. While there, you can enjoy posh restaurants and lovely cocktails as Bora Bora is all about spoiling you with luxury.

Seychelles – The East African coast boasts with the 115 of these lovely and unprecedented islands. They are best known for the wonderful and amazing white sand beaches and coral atolls. The beauty of these islands is so famous that many Hollywood movies are being filmed there because the scenery is just perfect. Your best chance to avoid rain there is from May to September.

Ko Lipe – The list of amazing and best islands of the world would not be complete if Thailand wasn’t included. This is not the place to come to feel the luxurious hotels and the expensive resorts. You come to Ko Lipe between November and March to enjoy the nature, the swarming waters full of sea life and to be ready to enjoy the simplicity of the life in natural paradise.

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It is hard to choose from these islands since they are all so beautiful. But when you take a closer look, you already know that you like touristic attractions more than down to earth island, or that you prefer a place that will allow you to snorkel more than the one that is designed for romance and honeymooners. Therefore, figure out your needs and take your pick.

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