How Do I Create Website Whitelist in AdBlock and Chrome?

how to whitelist a website in adblockYou can easily add any website to AdBlock and Google Chrome whitelist by following some few instructions. By adding a specific page to your list, it means you are unblocking that particular to show ads, which had been previously blocked.

With many internet users using Ad Block plus to block ads on partcular sites, the need to understand how exactly one can revert back means much. Since some sites also have rules for users who fail to whitelist them for example, by denying access to site contents, following this guide is a solution to avoiding such.

Whether you are using Google Chrome browser’s default ad blocking feature, or simply have Adblock extension added to your browser, this guide will show you how to enable and disable ads.

How to block ads on a website?

If you are using Chrome, Click on “Settings”, scroll to the bottom and click on “Show Advanced Settings”. Click on “Change proxy settings”, “Security tab” , “Trusted Sites”, then click “Sites”. Locate and delete the URL of the site whose ads you don’t want to show.

Alternatively, open Extensions and search for Ad block. From a list of extensions available, click add and activate Ad block. All site ads will be disabled automatically. With support of most browsers including Firefox, Opera, Chrome and on mobile, etc, you are set to go.

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What does it mean to whitelist a website?

To whitelist a website means unblocking a specific page or website link’s ads. Doing this means allowing the ads to show, and thus getting access to hidden or disallowed content in case this was the case.

Adding a website to whitelist

In Chrome, Click on “Settings”, scroll to the bottom and click on “Show Advanced Settings”. Click on “Change proxy settings”, “Security tab” , “Trusted Sites”, then click “Sites”. Enter the URL of choice for example,” and click Add.

In Ad Block, simply toggle between “off and on” by clicking the button, the same way uBlock Origin works. Alternatively, you can either choose a domain, page or rule. You can find more here on how to whitelist any of the choice you choose.

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