How To Merge PDF On iOS, Mac, Android, and Desktop

Drag pdf files from your drive and drop them in the pdf merger app. Press the merge button and save your file with ‘share’ in Safari. Merge PDFs on iOS, Android, and Desktop

PDF is one of the most commonly used formats across the globe, you must know that PDFs are being used mainly for document saving and sharing.

This is because of its compact size as well as its restrictive editing feature.

If you are not much familiar with the concept of using PDF, then you must know that PDF files cannot be edited.

They have an image-like nature which makes them the safest format for saving and sharing files having confidential information in them.

Now, if you have multiple pdf files containing important information in them, then managing them can be very difficult.

Organizing pdf documents can be very difficult, especially on small screen devices like tablets and smartphones.

You can face difficulties in finding the right file containing the information you want to use, to avoid this kind of situation, you can easily merge different pdf documents into one file and save them as a combined file folder.

In the past, it was quite difficult to combine pdf documents together.

One had to create new files from scratch and save them manually as one.

Manually trying to merge pdf can be very hectic, if you are wondering how to merge pdf on windows, android, and iOS devices, then you need to read the details mentioned for different devices.

Ways to Merge PDF and save a combined Document on Desktop, iOS, and Android

Let’s break information about these ways into separate parts for each device.

How to Merge PDF on Desktop?

You can combine pdf files on your desktop in various ways.

The standard and conventional method is the manual one which we don’t recommend today.

Today the best way to merge pdf is by using online tools or desktop applications like Adobe.

Now many of us cannot afford paid programs like Adobe so using online tools is a more feasible option.

You can find dozens of online pdf merger tools on the web, these tools are available for free for everyone who wants to merge pdf pages or complete files.

You have to open the best pdf combiner on your browser and upload the PDF files.

After uploading PDF’s, you simply have to press the ‘Merge Files’ button.

In less than five seconds, you would get a joined pdf document.

How to merge pdf on android devices?

Today many of us prefer managing our documents and other work on our mobiles; this is because mobiles are quite handy and portable as compared to PCs and Laptops.

Now, if you have a bunch of pdf files containing important information on them stored on your mobile, then you should merge them.

Merging pdf would help you organize scattered storage space on your mobile.

There are two popular ways to join pdf files on your devices.

The first method is the one that we have already explained before; you can use the online pdf merger tool on your browser and upload the files that you want to combine as one document.

But to merge pdf through your browser, you would need to have a web connection.

If you don’t have a stable web connection and want to merge your documents offline, then the best way is to install a pdf merging app on your mobile.

You can find hundreds of PDF merger apps on Google Play that you can install on your tablets and mobiles.

These apps can easily combine a complete batch of PDFs in less than seconds without any connection or restrictions.

How to merge and save PDFs on Apple Devices (iOS and Mac)?

Today the majority of users are using iOS devices. These devices have plenty of advantages over other devices, but we would not get into their details.

If you have an apple device having pdf files on it, then you can easily combine it in two different ways.

First, you can use Safari to merge your pdf files into a single document.

Safari is the default browser on every apple device. This is why we would suggest you use it for saving as well as merging pdf files.

Saving PDF on Apple Devices

Whenever you want to save a pdf file that you see on the web, you can use the share button on the top left corner of Safari.

The location of this share button would be different on Apple devices.

Once you click on the share button, Safari will provide you with multiple options to save the pdf file.

You can save the pdf in the local file gallery, iBook, and also in the drop box.

Many people prefer saving PDFs in Dropbox because it is safer storage space.

Merging PDF files on Apple Devices

Combining pdf is not rocket science on iOS devices, you have two options; the first option is that you can open a merger tool on Safari.

There are many websites and tools like, ILovePDF, Smallpdf, and many others that can be used for free to merge your documents.

All you have to do is use the input options of the pdf merger tools to enter pdf files from your local apple device’s storage or from Dropbox.

After entering the pdf files, you just have to click on the ‘combine pdf’ option and get your joined document.

You can download the merged pdf on your local storage as well as on cloud storage.

Again, to use the online pdf merger tools, you would need to have a web connection, if you want to combine PDFs offline, then you need to install a merger app from the Apple device’s app store.

You can find both free & premium applications on the App Store that you can install on your Apple Devices (iOS and Mac).

Once you install your desired application, you can sync it with your local store and drag pdf files from there.

You can also upload pdf files from your cloud drives if you have an online connection.

The pdf merger apps would allow you to sort the pages in the pattern you want them to be joined in.

In less than seconds, you can get a merged folder on your device.

What are the benefits of merging PDF documents?

There are tons of advantages to combining pdf files on any of your devices. Here we have listed a few common ones for your knowledge:

  • Merging pdf files makes organization and navigation easier.
  • Merging pdf online or through apps helps you save time and energy.
  • You can manage a lot of space on your storage by merging pdf documents.
  • You can share documents with ease by combining them in one folder.
  • Printing can be very easy if you merge multiple PDFs into one file.
  • Merging pdf can also make your documents more compatible and friendly for mobiles.

These are some of the benefits as well as reasons why it is best to combine pdf files into one whole document.

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