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How To Unlock Umeme Yaka Meter For Unlimited Free Yaka Units

By KWS Adams Jul8,2022
Umeme Yaka

By unlocking the Umeme Yaka meter in Uganda, you are guaranteed to get unlimited free yaka units just like that. This means that you need not buy tokens using cash, something that allows you to enjoy 100% free electricity without paying.

Following this simple free Umeme Yaka token trick, you get total freedom of lighting without worrying about power blackouts and outages as a result of lapsed units.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational and entertainment purposes only. In no way should you replace information provided by the service provider with this.

This is not a hack, but rather, an informative trick and method that will allow you to bypass the power outages by ensuring that you have enough Umeme yaka tokens loaded onto your meter. By following a few steps as indicated below, you will be ready to maximize the benefits associated with having enough electricity.

What is Umeme Yaka?

Umeme yaka is a prepaid electricity service in Uganda. Powered by Umeme limited, electricity users are issued with prepaid meters that require the purchase of yaka tokens in order to recharge and light.

How to activate Yaka Meter?

Once you go through all the steps from applying to having a meter issued, Umeme will provide you with the yaka meter activation codes depending on the type of meter that has been issued to you. In most cases, the Umeme staff will not leave your home, office, or business premises where power is installed without entering the activation codes. But just in case, you can follow the issued meter documentation to activate with prompts.

How many yaka units for 10,000?

Using the Umeme yaka unit calculator, you are able to make an estimation of the yaka units you get when you pay 10,000 shillings. The same tool can help you tell when is the best time to buy yaka, which is usually at the start of the month when you are given up to 15 units at a very cheap cost.

How to get free yaka units (tokens)

You can get free yaka units by buying tokens using your preferred payment option. The more the amount of money you are willing to purchase tokens, the more units you get. In brief, this is the legitimate way to get free yaka units as opposed to hacking that can void your meter warrant or even end up being hunted down by the service provider.

How do you borrow Yaka units?

Very simple. Begin by borrowing money from Airtel or MTN mobile money service. Once the borrowed amount is credited to your MTN or Airtel money account, dial *165# for MTN, and *185# for Airtel to purchase yaka tokens using the borrowed amount.

How to reset Yaka meter?

Dial #007#, or #000#. Your power will temporarily go off and back in a few seconds.  Keep watching your yaka meter, you will see it beeping and resetting. A reset will successfully be done.

How to silence a Yaka meter?

You can silence a Umeme yaka meter by purchasing and loading tokens above 15 units. On my CONLOG meter, the beeps are automatically activated once my Units reach 15 counting down.

The silent way to hack Yaka meter for free units

Watch the video above and see conlog codes you can use to get unlimited electricity from Umeme.


Truth is, you buy yaka tokens and get as many units as you want. Without buying, I doubt there is a free option for you unless it is fake. If you tamper with your meter, you may be subjected to Umeme Uganda laws and conditions for breaking the agreement you signed and agreed to.

By KWS Adams

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