[Video] Midland High School Bus Video Goes Viral After Passersby Spots Something Strange On How Female and Male Students Enjoyed the Dance

Midland High School Kawempe Bus Video Goes Viral

This Midland high school bus video that has gone viral on social media platforms was recorded by a Passerby after noticing something unusual with how students were dancing.

The viral video shows female students dancing in a gyr. ting fashion on the laps of their male counterparts. According to the viral video, the bus that was stuck in a city jam, in which students were enjoying the music, belongs to Midland high school Kampala.

The news of the viral video seems to have shocked many internet users including parents. Many were left wondering what exactly happened to the extent of allowing the “move the body in a sexually suggestive twis.ting” by students who are believed to have been heading to Jinja for the agricultural show on Friday.

Watch Lubiri high school students dancing video on Midland school bus

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Midland High School Reacts

These were not students of our school,” the head teacher FX Kyasa denied. He also posted a receipt of Shs1m that was paid by Lubiri Senior Secondary School in Mengo to hire their school bus for the Jinja trip. Midland High School is built on a very strong Christian foundation and strongly condemns behaviors of this kind. We very rigorously control our learning environment to ensure behaviors of this kind do not thrive,” Kyasa maintains. Our bus hire services will continue with a more rigorous screening of our clients and their on-bus passenger management,” he said.

Midland high school
Midland high school bus hire receipt

Lubiri High School Coughs Back

Lubiri High School has also distanced itself from the students who were captured in the buses saying that they also can’t allow such behaviors.

Lubiri high school statement on midland school bus viral video
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Updated Official Statement: The students belong to Lubiri High School and had gone to Jinja for an Agriculture show.

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