How To Use MTN Lumos For Free Solar Electricity With No Subscriptions

MTN Lumos

By following this simple tutorial, you permanently enjoy free solar electricity using MTN Lumos power. If darkness has always been your worry, this guide will allow you to enjoy subscription-free electricity.

About MTN Lumos

MTN Lumos Solar Electricity allows you to enjoy lighting at your fingertips. With the yellow box set, you worry less about darkness thus making life even better in Nigeria. Being pay-as-you-use electricity, you decide when you want to pay since with no payment, you get no power. Find more about Lumos and what they offer.

What you get when you buy MTN Lumos Solar

  • 2 LED energy-saving light bulbs
  • 2 Cigarette sockets
  • 80W DC to AC converter
  • 2 USB mobile ports
  • 80W Solar panel system
  • Solar cable connection
  • 8 sockets DC 12V control unit
  • Installation manual

MTN Lumos Subscription Fees

1 DayN236N236
7 DaysN220N1,536
20 DaysN195N3,891
30 DaysN166N4,966
60 DaysN154N9,215
90 DaysN144N12,900
180 DaysN134N23,958
365 DaysN132N47,833
1800 DaysN125N224,215

The prices quoted above are subject to change by MTN Lumos. You can always refer to the MTN page for updated pricing

Disclaimer: This is not a hack, but rather, an informative trick that will allow you to bypass the MTN Lumos Solar Power lock. By following the few instructions below, you will be ready to maximize the benefits associated with MTN Lumos solar

How to Bypass and MTN Lumos For Free

This is a legitimate way to get rid of MTN Lumos subscriptions in order to enjoy 100% free electricity with no more payments. In order to achieve this, you have 2 options;

  • Pay full price at Purchase
  • Pay your subscription in full

By paying the full price at the first purchase, you get rid of any future payments associated with MTN Lumos.

Secondly, if you pay your subscription in full, you own the yellow box set 100% thus meaning that you need not pay in the future since you will have completed the required payments.

Either way, you will set yourself free from any recurring monthly subscription payments associated with MTN Lumos Mobile Solar power electricity in Nigeria.

Software and Hardware options

I have read tutorials about software and hardware tampering with the yellow box set. This is something I don’t personally recommend due to the disadvantages associated. You may end up voiding the warrant of your yellow box in addition to making it malfunction. And if you must, you do it at your own risk.


By unlocking your MTN Lumos solar box, you enjoy many advantages including free 24/7 electricity. You also don’t have to pay again in order to renew your subscription. Electricity is available all day and all night thus acting as an alternative power source yet remaining the same yellow box set.

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