UPDF New Salary Increment 2022/2023

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updf salary structure

This is good news to those serving in the UPDF in regard to an increased salary structure of up to 100%.

Wondering how much will be paid to Privates and others including Generals, check out the New Uganda UPDF Salary Increment 2022/2023.

According to a Press Release by the Uganda Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MoDVA) on 12 July 2022, the increase for the different UPDF personnel is proposed as shown in the UPDF new Salary enhancement release statement that can be downloaded in PDF.

MoDVA UPDF Salary Increment Press Release

UPDF Salary Increment
MoDVA UPDF Salary Increment Press Release
MoDVA press release

UPDF New Salary Increment By Percentage

  • General officers up to 100% salary increment
  • Senior officers up to 50% salary increment
  • Captain down to Private up to 33% salary increment

Updated UPDF Salary Structure for 2022/2023

Lt. General1,500,000/=13,000,000/=
Major General1,400,000/=12,000,000/=
Lt. Colonel950,000/=5,000,000/=
2nd Lieutenant520,000/= 
Warrant Officer II450,000/= 
Warrant Officer I400,000/= 
Staff Sergeant341,000/= 
Lance Corporal311,000/= 

According to the Nile post, their source also confirmed that Uganda Parliament has been made aware of the new structures, especially one of Generals, and has been drafted into the financial year. However, new salaries for the lower ranks of Private to Captain are set to be affected in the next financial year, when the government intends to increase the salaries of all workers in what is known as the “phased salary increment” starting with scientists, health workers, teachers, etc.

UPDF New Salary Increment 2022/2023

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