How To Handle New Item Significantly Not As Described Claims/Disputes

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If you are an online seller and one who uses PayPal as your payments processor, you must have encountered the Item Significantly Not As Described related Claims and Disputes at any one time and even if you haven’t, its just a matter of time, you will seen see that message landing in your email inbox.

To so many sellers who sell both digital and non digital items, Item Significantly Not As Described is a common practice by many buyers as a result of their so many different reasons some of which are real while others are fakes ones intended to take the item freely like you many how many trick others.

The main question on this is the one on how to handle such claims and disputes? From what I have been reading on the different forums and relates sites, majority of the sellers end up loosing such cases but do you know why? Simple, its because of fearing to tell PayPal the truth and which makes them ignore responding to those claims/disputes and which leaves PayPal with no any other choice apart from making the buyer the winner.

An Item Significantly Not As Described case means two things for example, the seller refunds the total costs involved while the buyer ships the item back and pays for the associated costs.

What should you do as a seller to increase your chances of winning the cases? Like the question sounds, PayPal makes things very easy for you since there are more than a single option when responding and its up to you to decide which is better for example, refusing the claim and providing PayPal with detailed information, accepting and refunding the total cost, denying and continuing to communicate with the buyer and many others.

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If you really sold an item which was well described on the sales page whether on eBay or any other site, you should tell PayPal the exact and let them know what its all about. This increases your chances of winning but only if the item matches the description and how it works.

It is important to respond to such clams in time or the given time-frame as it allows PayPal to fully investigate so as to reach on a conclusion. You need not to fear since the truth will always be out.

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How To Handle New Item Significantly Not As Described Claims/Disputes

7 thoughts on “How To Handle New Item Significantly Not As Described Claims/Disputes

  1. Many buyers file Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described claims against sellers because they don’t want to pay. You should say what you want to say the truth.

  2. Please help me solve this. Buyer just opened dispute with Item is “Significantly Not As Described”. Do i need to worry? What should I do now.

  3. I closed my Significantly not as described dispute, now charge-back. It is so bad and cant are it any longer to sell online.

  4. Question about “Significantly Not As Described”.

    Can I win such disputes?
    How long does it take to get a solution?
    What info can I submit?
    Thank you.

  5. New Item Significantly Not as Described Dispute cases matured and it led my eBay Suspension. However, am doing like you said on my new eBay account and so far 3 years.

  6. I have seen Item “Not as described” being answered so many times in PayPal Community forum but I love your answer. Thank you.

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