How To Infinix X559C Frp Bypass Without PC

Get your phone back to work using this new simple working trick. Don’t be stuck simply because you reset your device yet can’t remember your Google accout or even your login credentials. If you own Infinix X559C and want to bypass Google’s FRP (factory reset protection), this guide is for you.

I just used this same trick I am sharing below and managed to bypass FRP on my friends mobile after resetting it to solve the has stopped error, yet having no record of his password. If you also want to do the same regardless of your reason, follow the simple procedures below.

Requirements to get started

  • Memory card
  • Quick shortcut maker app stored on the SD card
  • Active WiFi connection

How to bypass Infinix X559C frp

Download Quick shortcut maker app

Using a different mobile phone which is unlocked and able to access the internet, type “qsm apk” in Google search, follow your choice of website, download and save the QSM apk on your SD card.

Power on your phone and run initial steps

If you had turned off your mobile, turn it on and go through the initial startup steps. This should include selecting the language, skipping SIM card, connecrting to WiFi network and going up to logging in screen.

Insert SD Memory card

Insert the SD memory card where you save the QSM app. Tap OK when “SIM card ready” pop up shows and browse to the location of the QSM app.

Install QSM application

Tap and install the QSM app on your mobile. Don’t forget to checkbox for unknown sources and tap open after installation.

Type RLK Settings

While on QSM app after launching it, type “RLK Settings”. Tap on “RLK settings” and go to about phone.

Enable Developer settings

Tap Build number 5 times repeatedly to enable Developer options from where you should activate OEM unlock settings by setting the checkbox to On.

Reset Device

Once you have activated OEM unlock, go to settings and tap Backup and reset. Your device will auto restart and you should go through the initial starter steps from where you will be allowed to skip data connection and WiFi connection setting. You have successfully bypassed FRP on infinix X559C and ready to use your mobile.

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