How to Invest In Global Stocks Using Chipper Cash

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
Global Stocks Using Chipper Cash

Do you want to invest in Global stocks? Have you ever thought of doing it instantly from your mobile? Let me introduce to you Chipper cash, the smartphone application that allows you to invest in Global stocks from as low as $1.

Chipper Cash

Chipper cash allows you to invest your money in Global stocks and trade cryptocurrencies thus allowing you to earn an extra right from your smartphone. Using the app’s default features including stock searching and current market caps, you are ready to start your stock trading journey just like I did a few weeks back.

If you’re looking forward to investing in Global stock (publicly traded companies) regardless of whether you are in Uganda, the US, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc, Chipper cash has the opportunity right on your phone. is a Miracle smartphone application.

Getting started with Chipper cash

  • Download the Chipper cash app from the Google Play store, or Apps store
  • Install the application on your device
  • Launch and register using your mobile number
  • Complete profile verification

During the registration process, make sure you have a working phone number since Chipper cash will prompt you to verify by sending an SMS code. You will also be required to have your National ID since the system will take photos of you and the ID.

Once profile verification is completed, you are ready to start using all Chipper cash features available.

Adding money to Chipper cash wallet

If you are in Uganda, you have Airtel and MTN mobile money wallet funding options. The good thing is that all Chipper cash wallet funding transactions are free of charge. You will need to fund your account before investing in Global stocks.

Add money to Chipper cash (Airtel/MTN mobile money)

  • Launch “Chipper cash app”
  • Tap “Wallet”
  • Tap “Add cash from mobile money to chipper”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Tap “Add cash”

A transfer request will be sent to your mobile money number and you will be required to enter Pin to confirm. Upon confirming, your Chipper wallet will be credited and the transaction fees refunded to your account.

Chipper cash allows you to add more than one mobile money number to transact with. This will require you to verify the additional number before you can start transacting with it on your app.

Buying Stocks in Chipper cash

  • Launch “Chipper cash app”
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Tap “Search stocks”
  • Tap “Company of choice” for example Shell
  • View “Market cap”
  • Tap “Buy”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Tap “Next”

You will be prompted to verify the information before submitting your stock purchase order. Once the order is confirmed, you will see your Stocks portfolio balance including gains, balance, total invested losses, etc.

Trading Crypto in Chipper cash

  • Launch “Chipper cash app”
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Tap “Crypto”
  • Tap “Asset of choice” for example Bitcoin
  • View “Market cap”
  • Tap “Buy or sell”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Tap “Next”
  • Confirm

How does chipper cash make money?

On every transaction made while trading in stocks or crypto, Chipper cash earns some commission on those transactions. Depending on the amount that is being transacted, Chipper cash’s commission may be high or low since the commission is calculated in percentages. In brief, Chipper cash earns a commission every time you make a transaction as determined by the provider.

Chipper cash on Whatsapp

I haven’t contacted Chipper cash using Whatsapp’s number. I have been using their in-app help, and web support here. Sometimes I use their contact email [email protected] for additional inquiries not accessed via help.

Note: You can always find chipper cash stock prices once you select to view the choice of stock or crypto you are interested in.

Other Chipper cash features

  • Sending money
  • Free virtual card
  • Referral earnings
  • Virtual account number


Making use of Chipper cash introduces you to the world of Global stock investment right from your phone. Buying stocks from as low as $1 or its equivalent gives you chance to own a portion of those International companies like Apple, Amazon, Shell, Banks, etc from different countries. The instant investment tracking allows you to view performance thus allowing you to make a choice on your next course of action.

How to Invest In Global Stocks Using Chipper Cash

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