How To Manually Setup Internet On Chinese Featured Phones [GPRS, WAP, 3G..)

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Manually setup wap on china made phones

Manually setting up wap – To date, China is one county that is experiencing faster growth in technology, something which has led to the massive production and manufacturing of many things including gadgets like mobile phones and their accessories. Different phone models under the different brands and manufactures including G-Tide, Techno, Zte, Huawei and others have been released and such phones are believed to have become more popular especially in those countries like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Burundi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and many other countries which team up what is known as the African continent.

And unlike the most common and well known older phone brands and models like the Nokias, the Sony-Ericsson, the Alcatel’s and others which have automatic support for internet/wap connections with the ability to receive and accept such internet and multi-media messaging settings by way of texting the internet related keywords to some numbers offered by the service provider and or dialing some number codes with regard and getting the settings automatically installed on one’s device, this is not the case with most if not all most China made phones which support the internet.

The growing need of different people across the world to get to know what is happening on their favorite sites and others be it soccer updates, accessing a website like Facebook, Twitter and others are something which has called for an increase in the purchase of such internet related device and so the need to know how one can be able to set up and or activate the internet services on those phones which are made in China and through this Hub, you will identify how easily to configure your made in China device with regard to fulfilling your internet needs, and below are the steps to required for the entire process.

Creating a data account

  • Press the menu of your phone and navigate to services.
  • Scroll down to Data Accounts and click on Add
  • Add the account name, for example, MTN,
  • Add the Access Point Number (APN)
  • Skip all the rest and save the data account settings.
  • Go to Internet settings and scroll down to settings.
  • Click on Select SIM and choose the SIM card you want to use (whose APN you entered)
  • Go to profiles under the same menu and select the SIM yo choose in number 4 above and click either edit or add.
  • Enter the Profile name, for example, MTN, your preferred home page URL, for example,, choose the data account (the one you set up in 3 above for example MTN.
  • Go to connection type and select WAP, input your IP address for example (usually, this is got from your service provider just like the APN)
  • Click on done.

Your GPRS / WAP / INTERNET for china made phone settings will be successfully configured and now you can go to the Home page and make a connection.

Configuring internet data account

  • Go to services, choose internet service, and scroll down to settings.
  • Under Select a SIM, choose the SIM card you want to use for your internet connection and click on OK.
  • Scroll down to profiles, select the SIM card you choose above and click on ok.
  • If there are default internet profiles, click on edit or simply choose the add new option and click on ok.
  • Write your preferred name under profile name, for example, the name of your service provider and then enter your preferred homepage for example
  • Click on select under data account, choose your preference for example GPRS, select your preferred data account for example the one you added in option one above and click ok.
  • Under connection type, choose either wap or Http depending on your service provider support for example under wap, input your provider internet protocol address for example, set security to off and click on done. And for Http, set use proxy to yes, enter the proxy address (internet protocol address as above), enter the proxy port for example 8080, and click on done and done again on the internet service menu.

Upon successful configuration, your China made a phone whether tecno or any other will be able to access the internet instantly. One thing you need to know is that you might need to call your customer service provider so as to request the correct configuration details like the proxy address, ip address, apn, and the proxy port.

How To Manually Setup Internet On Chinese Featured Phones [GPRS, WAP, 3G..)

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