How to Mass Unfollow TikTok Nonfollowers At Once

Wondering how to mass unfollow TikTok Nonfollowers at once from Android, Computer, or iPhone? This tutorial has the answer you are looking for. TikTok has continued to prove as one of the best social networking services focusing on video content. From 15 seconds to 5-minute videos, content creators are able to make a range of short genres like how-to, dance, comedy, and education, likes tricks, etc.

Owned by Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok which is also known as Douyin in China has continued to grow in terms of popularity with millions of users across the world. Just like it works with other social networks including META (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, Likee, and others you know, it is a must to have followers on TikTok.

It is believed that the more the followers, the higher the chances of your content exposure, and the more the exposure, the more the popularity thus creating a difference between New-TikTokers and the TikTok-Celebrities. Getting followers requires hard work although applying these proven tips and tricks can help you grow your followers base faster than one can imagine.

But then, what if those TikTokers you follow turn to be nonfollowers? This is where the problem comes since many more especially the celebrities with a huge followers base don’t follow back, after all, they already have enough. Such a situation of following others and them not following you back calls for an instant unfollow. If you follow me, I follow back instantly.

How to mass unfollow all nonfollowers at once

1. Identify those who don’t follow you back

  • Open the TikTok app from your Android, iPhone, or visiting the website on your computer
  • Open your profile by tapping or clicking profile link
  • Tap or clicking on following

2. Unfollow the nonfollowers

  • Look out for Following
  • Use your 4 or 5 fingers
  • Tap to select 4 or followers nonfollowers

The more the number of nonfollowers you select, the faster you will complete the task. Since this is within the TikTok interface, and taking into account that there is no official support for mass unfollowing, you will be doing it manually although using five or four figures doubles the speed as opposed to using one finger at a time.

TikTok Unfollow Apps for 2022

  • Socialpire
  • Fueltok
  • Unfollower chrome extension


Socialpire is an automated service bot that is cloud-based. The bot allows you to automate your TikTok tasks depending on your set targets. It has features including follow/unfollow, human behavior emulation, unique fingerprint, account ager, proxy support, and automatic captcha solving. Using Socialpire allows you to mass unfollow all nonfollowers and helps get rid of bad friends who never fulfill their promises. However, the service comes with associated fees.


FuelTok allows you to grow your TikTok account by sending you followers, views, and likes, of course at a fee. Using their bot can help you mass unfollow the unfollowers in order to keep your account at 50/50. By removing the bad friends, you are keeping your account only with those who respect you.

Unfollower chrome extension

TikTok unfollower app is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to mass unfollow those who don’t return the favor. Being a simple script, it allows you to easily manage your list at once. All you need is to visit the Chrome store and install.


Gaining followers can be hard if you do it with the wrong guys. Just in case such happens, the better way is to remove them from your account, after all, you are able to view postings of people including those you don’t follow. If you can follow as shared above, consider your worries of not being followed back a thing of the past. One last thing you should know is that there is no TikTok official option for mass unfollowing. All the above are ways you can try out simply to ease the process.

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