How To Pay Your Police Express Penalty Ticket In Uganda Through The New URA Online System

How To Pay Your Police Express Penalty Ticket In Uganda Through The New URA Online System Once upon a time in Uganda, there used to be no such things like the express penalty tickets which are known to be issued by the police depending on the crime committed by the motor vehicle driver or the owner who was either present or not present at the scene where an expected arrest would take place.

During those times, drivers and owners of the vehicles which were involved saw situations which made some of them spend some good days while locked up in police cells or prisons for the crimes committed while on the road and this was only stopped when the government through the responsible departments introduced what is currently known as the police express penalty tickets.

With the introduction of the above, many of the mentioned above found the new system good, since once one is arrested depending on the nature of crime. One is entitled to be freed to go and enact the payment in the bank, so as to have either the car released is captured or the drivers license released since either of the above has to be confiscated during the process and through this Hub, you will discover how one can go about the process of paying these related tickets easily and in time.

What kind of penalties are issued the express tickets?

Visit the 35 Road Offenses And Crimes Which Qualifies The Police To Issue You With An Express Traffic Ticket or Penalty and follow the following procedures to below to start the process of paying your penalty ticket.

1. Visit the Uganda revenue authority website

2. Scroll down and click on payment registration.

3. Select other non tax registrations and wait for details to load.

4. Under the ministry, department or agency section, scroll down and select police express penalty.

5. Use drop down to select the offense which you were charges for example offense 5 for driving without a valid driving permit.

6. Type in the receipt number number section and the motor vehicle registration number and as well fill in all the other required details as marked with the red start sign (*).

Please note: The amount of money you need to pay for any offense is auto filled the moment you choose the office type and you need not to choose that option and too you can get the ticket number on the form which was issued to you by the traffic officer.

7. Click on accept and register and print your payment form on the next page.

Now you can go to any bank  and enact your payment for the ticket, after which you will need to go to the nearest revenue branch and have the forms stamped.

You should then take the stamped forms to the police where you were either told to pick your drivers license in case it was confiscated and or to have your vehicle released.

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