How To Record Whatsapp Video Call With Audio On Android

You can surely record that Whatsapp video call with audio and listen to it later, or even share it with others. Using a simple free application installable on Android phones, you are ready to chat while at the same time capturing your conversation in the background. Best of all, audio is included.

With the very many applications available “claiming” to serve the same, many of them will mute the “audio” once recording starts. This means that while you will be able to perform the operation, truth is, you will only have access to the images without any sound, and which isn’t what many target.

If you want to enjoy both, Rec. (Screen Recorder), an application by SPECTRL will help you out. Rec. (Screen Recorder) is a known screen recording application which requires no root for all device running Android OS 5.0+.

It is a standalone application which gives a user freedom of up to 1 hour capturing. It has a good interface, and also allows direct audio recording via the phones mic (mouth piece). Besides the count down timer, you can simply shake your device to stop the recording, or even use the button.

Rec. (Screen Recorder) has more than 10,000,000+ installations, weighs 2.8 Mbs only and supports devices starting from Android 4.4.

How to record whatsapp video call using Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Step 1: Download Rec. (Screen Recorder) app.

You can download and install this app directly on your device from Google play store. It is free for as long as your device is compatible. You will be required to root your device assuming your mobile is is below Android 5.0+.

Step 2: Run and configure the app

Now that you have downloaded and installed the app. You should launch it and customizing your preferences including location, size, bit rate, duration, audio, etc.

Step 3: Start recording

You can begibn by tapping the “Record” button while on the application.

You can then launch Whatsapp video call and have it recorded in the background. This also applies to others like Imo, Viber, Skype and etc.

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