How To Remove Subscribe To Posts (Atom) From Blogger

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Remove Subscribe to Posts Atom Feed Link on Blogger

Wondering how you can easily hide, delete or remove the “Subscribe to Posts / comments (Atom) Feed link” on your Blog pages powered by Google’s Blogger? Reading this tutorial will ease your mind as it entails all step by step guides on how to go about the entire process. All you need is to take your time and follow what I have shared with you right below as you can see.

1. Begin by logging into the Blogger blogspot blog you want to remove the “Subscribe to Posts (Atom) Feed link”.

Blogger Template and Customize menu

2. Navigate menu, click on Template and then on Customize.

Add Custom CSS on Blogger

3. Click on Advanced, Add CSS and paste the below code in the Box provided.

[sourcecode language=”plain”].feed-links {display:none !important;}[/sourcecode]

Click on Apply to Blog, and then on Back to “Blogger”. Reload your Blogger web page and you will be amazed that the feed link will no longer be visible. This entire process is very simple and easy for as long as you follow what I have shared above.

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In order to show the posts/comments feed link for subscription again, you will follow the same guide as above until you reach on Add CSS. Delete the code you saved and apply. Everything will be back to normal.

How To Remove Subscribe To Posts (Atom) From Blogger

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