How to Reverse Look Up Scammer Phone Number Free

Reverse Look Up Scammer Phone Number Free

You wake up and find a missed call from a phone number that isn’t in your phonebook. Before you callback, think of the possibility that the caller is a scammer, assuming the call wasn’t out of your appointment from a person you know, or even a legitimate business trying to reach you.

From experience, before I respond to an unknown number of missed calls, I first try to identify who exactly tried to reach out since it helps me understand the true identity rather than being the one leading myself to those targeting me.

Using the different reverse phone number lookup options as shown below, you are able to identify whether such a number belongs to a scammer, or a legit person or business entity.

Lookup for the number on Bing or even Google

In the world of search engines, Google and Bing are some of the most used worldwide. By typing the number on your search engine of choice and hitting search, you are likely to see who is associated with it.

If the number belongs to any business or person, entering it in a format like 256752009001 and searching will show all results associated, just like you see for Adams Oriental Technologies. Additionally, phone numbers of businesses are in most cases shown on their websites and are too shown in search results.

Search the Number on Facebook

If you never knew, it is very possible to search for a person or business on Facebook by entering their phone number. Since Facebook requires one to enter such information during signup, and when completing the profile, you can easily perform a reverse lookup of phone numbers through it.

Unlike other options which will simply show the number without confirming the true associate, Facebook’s reverse number lookup does show the profile associated. All you have to do is enter the phone number, search and the associated business or individual file will show up.

Public Records

With a number of public records and information websites available, finding phone numbers has continued to become easier. This is because sites like Yellowpages provide both individual and business contacts including addresses and phone numbers. Searching their database by entering the suspicious scammer contact can help identify who exactly is associated with the said contact.

All you need is to compile a list of such websites for example Yellowpages directory,, and any other site to get an idea of who might have called you, assuming their phone numbers are listed.

Free scammer phone number lookup sites

Below are 4 websites that will help you perform reverse phone number lookups. If you are fearing being scammed, these sites should help since you will be able to find owners of those numbers completely free.


In any case, if you’ve used all of the above means and are still unable to identify who tried to call you, you might want to try and call them, though keep note of never sharing your personal information not until you are very sure of who you are dealing with.

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