How To Setup Payoneer Two-step Verification

Payoneer two-step verificationThis guides takes you through the step by step procedures to set up and enable Payoneer’s step 2 verification. Also known as  two-factor authentication, this security feature is intended to help guard Payoneer accounts from being accessed by unauthorized individuals who may perform transactions without the account holders knowledge and approval.

Previously, all what Payoneer during login and making use of certain features including transactions and etc was the account email and password. After logging in, one would be in position to perform all transactions like card to card money transfer, new card requests, viewing and accessing transaction history, making changes to account details and etc.

But now with Payoneer’s new two-step verification, “you’ll need to enter a unique verification code that will be sent to you before performing certain account/card related actions and financial transactions”.

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Benefits of Payoneer’s two-step verification

  • Enhanced security
  • Prevents unauthorized logins
  • Prevents unauthorized transactions
  • Extra layer of security

It is time to say Goodbye to fraudsters who have been making use of people’s accounts after accessing their log in credentials. No more worries and etc about the safety of your accounts.

As a precaution, users must “make sure the primary phone number listed in your account is your current mobile phone number”.

How to set a primary phone number

Set primary phone number Payoneer

  • Log into your account
  • Select update profile from the drop down list under settings
  • Re-enter your account password and click Submit
  • Set primary phone number and make sure it is mobile.
  • Click “Save changes” and you will be done.

Update payoneer account profile

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How to setup / active two-step verification

  • Log into your account
  • Activate two-step verification

Note: The announced feature is still in pipeline and not currently working. Once it starts working, I will update here.

Now that you have seen how it works and how you can about the entire process. What are you waiting for? Secure your account today by activating two-step verification and make intruders stay stranded. Remember, your security is key financial protection.


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