How To Stay Invisible [Hide Online Status] On Whatsapp – ‘Last Seen At’ For Single Contact or All Contacts Guide

How To Stay Invisible [Hide Online Status] On Whatsapp - Single Contact or All Contacts Guide This post shows takes you through the steps on how to stay invisible on Whatsapp. Yes, I mean hiding your current status so that no one can tell, and or that single contact can’t say whether you are currently available to chat. This post is a response to a question one of my readers sent to me when he wouldn’t see that I was online yet I was texting him through this social networking application.

I know many of you have ever gone through this right? And that is why I am responding to your query so you can know how you can too go about hiding your whatsapp status to a single contact, and or to all of your contacts so that you stay invisible.

How to set your Whatsapp status to Invisible On Android / iOS

In order to turn on invisible or hidden mode, you must log on to Whatsapp messenger, tap settings and go to privacy. The privacy option is the settings where you are able to set up your invisible mode.

How to hide last seen at to a particular person or all contacts

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Once you reach the privacy settings, tap last seen option and select the one you want for example;

1. Everyone – For all to see your last seen or when you are online.
2. My contacts – For only people in in your contacts to see your last seen or online status.
3. Nobody – For non one to see any of the above status.

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