Make Money As Zirtual Assistant 2019

Zirtual Assistant Make Money Making money in the new year 2019 is a must. And yes, being a Zirtual Assistant is that one other home based job opportunity which will see you reach your dream. In this post, I am sharing with you about ZA, how you can get started, how it works, how much you can make and the review involved. This I am sure will help you know whatever you might have been searching for since its a guide to making money through Zirtual.

Who is Zirtual Assistant?

A Zirtual assistant is that qualified person who is hired to work for clients and customers. And in order to become one, one has to go through the different procedures right from application to being accepted as an assistant.

Who is eligible to become a Zirtual assistant and how do you apply?

When you look at the ZA website under hiring faqs, its written that “All of our ZAs are located in the United States and you’ll work with an assistant in the time zone of your preference”. This means that registration or membership may be limited only to those who are from the US. In order to apply, you need is to submit a query here [email protected] and get an answer on hiw to do it. Please note that sending in your application is no guarantee that you will be accepted. You can always re-apply again every after 30 days.

How are Zirtual customers and how much do they pay the assistants?

Zirtual has very many clients from over 60 countries. And yes, many share how assistants are paid much more than any other virtual assistant work pays. You can always know how much you will be paid when you join.

Are Zirtual assistants full time works or part time?

Unlike most other freelancing sites, ZA can be full time workers well as you are working from home and online.

What kind of work will you do as a ZA?

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There are lots of work which the hired can do. Work may range from Travel, Reservations, Online Research, Administration and Organization. These are broke down into several tasks and which as an assistant, you get paid to accomplish.

Is legit or scam?

As far as I know, is a legitimate site, and a service provider basing on what the many others – both those who hire and those who work there say. But still, I will keep you updated just in case this changes in any way.

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