How To Use P.O.Box Number As A Mailing Address In Uganda

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How To Use P.O.Box Number As A Mailing Address In Uganda

While many countries in the world have well designed mailing addresses where anything can be shipped and delivered directly to ones home, this is not the case with Uganda. Uganda still uses the traditional form of addresses which we known as the P.O.Box address, and normally run and found on Posta Uganda offices including Posta Mengo, Posta Clock Tower, Posta Nakawa, Main Post Office (GPO) and all other branches in Kampala, and the remaining districts which make Uganda.

Sometime back, I attempted to register for a service online but guess what, I was told to submit my mailing address and which was not supposed to be a P.O.Box address. Having no mailing address made me fail the offer I was struggling for not until of recent when I discovered a way to use my P.O.Box address as a mailing address like it is for countries like the US.

The whole idea here is very simple. If for example you own number 230 Kampala, all you need is to remove the when filling be a form or giving it to someone and leave 230 Kampala. You can simply add anything like 230 Nakasero Kampala Uganda and the deal will be over.

Trust me, when one mails a pencil or anything be a product or an item, it will be delivered to your Posta Uganda Box number where you will be able to pick it using the known means. Therefore, this option helps you clear the argument of not being able to receive items or sign up for anything in the name of Uganda not having mailing addresses.

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How To Use P.O.Box Number As A Mailing Address In Uganda

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