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URA SAYS, You cannot proceed with this process before issuance of a second (Front) plate for this motorcycle. 0

Process a Duplicate Motorcycle Number Plate (Single Plates) With URA

This tutorial is on how to process duplicate motorcycle number plate in Uganda through URA for those motorcycles which currently have single (back) number plates only. But if your motorcycle is one with the...


How to Stay Safe in Uganda in 5 Easy Ways

Whether you’re planning to travel to Uganda for a tour, a new employment opportunity, research, Business trip, family visit or one who resides here permanently, this article shares with you the top 5 easy...

iPhone stuck 0

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

‘My iPhone 5 either stuck in a boot loop or at a black screen when booted. If I manage to unlock it then the phone gets slow and unusable. If I disable mobile data...

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