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How To Get A New Uganda Passport Today

You can get a new Uganda passport today by submitting in all of the required documents together with the e-Passport application form G to any of the Directorate of citizenship and immigration control offices...

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How To LG D802 / D801 Hard Reset

Let me show you how to easily perform LG D802 and D801 hard reset. If by any chance you’ve been searching for a working way to perform a data wipe on your LG device,...

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Whatsapp Can’t Register With This Phone Number

Let me show you how to solve this error of “Can’t register with this phone number. You can only register with the phone number that was used with Whatsapp on this phone”, which occurs...

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Adding Blogger Blog in Blogspot Search

Let me show you how to add activate Blogspot Search on your blogspot blog. If you are lost, I am referring to adding your created blogger blogs to the existing list which will not...