Ian Velicaria Amazing Magical Illusion Exposed

Ian Velicaria Amazing Magical Illusion Exposed

Ever heard of Velicaria Amazing Magical Illusion? Have you tried it and found how factual the video is? Do you agree with whatever magic this viral video looks to be? Would you want to check it another round so that you can prove it? This post has all the answers and facts exposed and just for you.

Honestly, I had never seen this Ian’s amazing magic illusion video not until today when I opened my Whatsapp and found it. When I played it, I never believed what I saw on my smartphone screen. I went ahead and picked my card and it disappeared. I retried as many times as possible and the same happened – my chosen card kept disappearing and disappearing until I gave up.

What’s Behind Ian Velicaria’s Amazing Magical Illusion? The Hidden Fact Exposed!

What’s this viral video all about? I know that this is what you are interested in right? Okay, just open your eyes wide enough and continue reading for you want to know the exposed fact. Velicaria Amazing Magical Illusion video is all about your thoughts being revealed by it. Do you agree or not? Yes, I have retried it several times and I have been won.

What happens is that you will see the cards being displayed on your smartphone or computer or any other device screen and wait for Ian to reveal your chosen one by simply hiding it from the rest. Below are some of the texts which appear once the magic video is launched.

In the moment, you will enter a magical… In just a moment, you’ll witness an amazing Illusion, an Illusion of Ian Velicaria… Although this is a common program, you’ll see that I can through the monitor see your mind… Ian Velicaria… Ready?

The 6 different cards will show up on your screen and the following texts will follow..

Think of one.. I will show the card or you. Got the card? Now look straight into my eyes…

At this point, you would have known secretly the card of your choice. Yes, continue and you will see it revealed..

I don’t know you. I could not see the card you have chosen, but I know exactly the card that is on your mind… Look your card is Gone!

Yes, all my cards were gone on every time I tried. This left me wondering what this is all about. A game? An application? Something magical? Or what? Over to you. Maybe you know what it is better than me.

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