Instant Solution For Your Smartphone Has Stopped Working Error – Huawei/ZTE/iPhone/Android/Others

Do you own a Smartphone? Have you ever seen it mulfunctioning with a pop up of “your smartphone has stopped working”? Do you know what would have been the cause? Do you know an instant solution to the above?

Regardless of whatever kind of phone you may be having for example a Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, Android, iPhone, Samsung, Tecno and any other brand but for as long as its showing the stopped workinh error, this tutorial will help you find and get access to an instant solution where by when followed correctly, you will be in position to recover your device to its full function.

What causes the above error? – Before we head to the solution, its very vital for you to know the possible causes since that is one way to help in preventing the same from happening any other time just in case and now that you have solved or going to solve the current one.

Possible causes include but not limited to downloading and forcefully installing the non-compatible apps and software, your device having a virus, over using your mobile when it has very low power levels (battery) and many others.

If you happen to use your phone mostly on the internet and to download the different applications, then its highly recommended that you either use an active and working (supported) mobile antivirus, and or to only download trusted apps from trusted vendors.

And for draining your battery, its good not to use your device when its power goes low as that will help in avoiding related errors which may make you end up paying for the repairs. Sure, now that you know how to prevent it, let’s head to how to fix it assuming your phone is in that mode just abruptly.

Solution for Smart-phone has stopped working.

Option One – Perform a soft reset. This is one which can be done using the defaul phone reset option.

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Option Two – Perform a Hard Reset. Different smart-phones may have different options. Check in your manual and see how.

Option Three – Go to the phone software technician and pay for a full phone flash.

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