Are These Kampala’s Top No.1 Finest Supermarkets?

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Wondering whether those Supermarkets you know, and or take to be your favorite shopping center is among Kampala’s top number one finest? Reading this post will help you uncover that hidden answer you have always been looking out, and or searching for. Yes, the question of which supermarket takes the lead among all located in Kampala is asked by many. Both foreigners and nationals do ask this for reason being, the need to shop from the best. Lets find out which is the finest basing on my conclusion as seen in below here.

Kampala is not only the largest city, but it is as well the capital of country Uganda according to Wikipedia. It is located in the heart of Africa’s pearl, an area which has the highest number percentage out of the total population. People who live in Kampala buy from supermarkets. All purchases ranging from baby items, foods, drinks, kitchen accessories, high style shoes, casual wear and dresses, toys and etc.

Just like you hear Walmart in the United States, Tesco in the UK, Metro Inc in Canada and many others you might heard of, Uganda too has very many bigger supermarkets where people prefer to buy. And yes, among those are what many take to be the no.1 finest as they share. In this post, I will share with you some informative facts which will help you know which one and where to buy. Oh yes, watch below

List of Supermarkets in Kampala Uganda

Shoprite – When you talk of the word Shoprite, believe me or not, at least 90% of people who are around will know what you are talking about. Shoprite is a whole well known Supermarket not only in Kampala but across the whole Uganda. The reason for this popularity is simple, it has been in existence for a long time. And many people who either travel to Kampala for a weekend, to tour, to do business, to study and etc tend to shop from this store. Oh yes, I am among the many who buy from here. Shoprite is located in the heart of the city along Ben Kiwanuks street, with another branch in Lugogo. And besides, this shopping mall, there are lots of offices and service centers of the different service providers in Uganda. Among the list include MTN, Orange and Airtel customer care service centers.

Shoprite supermarket kampala Uganda

Game store – Don’t quote me wrong, I am not meaning game as the word sounds. I am referring to this big supermarket located lugogo along Jinja road. Regardless of whether you are looking for kids toys, computers, mobile smart phones, cameras, bikes, foods and any other home and office accessory, game has it all. People shop at game. I also shop at game. How about you?

Game store Uganda

Mega standard supermarket – For those who know Mega supermarket, it is indeed a standard one. When its time for Ice cream and meat, oh yes this is my favorite point. This supermarket attracts very many people from Kampala areas and others. It’s located opposite Old taxi park and with a clear shopping view. For everything you ever wanted to shop, this is a great starting place.

Mega standard supermarket kampala

Nakumatt – Lets see, a one fine stop center for furniture and many others. Whether you are looking forward to buy a new bed, sofa or anything you can ever think of, this is another qualify place to start. It is located in Kampala but in a quite place which is loved by both local and international shoppers. Besides, all major cards are supported including Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and etc. Shopping is non stop as they are open 24 hours.

Nakumatt shopping place kampala

Other Kampala’s finest supermarkets and shopping centers include but not limited to Uchumi, tuskys, capital shoppers, quality supermarket, fair price super-market, embassy super market and lots of others. Leave alone in the heart of the city, different sorrounding areas like in Kansanga, Natete, Nankulabye, Wandegeya, Kawempe, Nakawa and etc have such centers where you can go and get everything of choice. Enjoy

Are These Kampala’s Top No.1 Finest Supermarkets?

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