How To Install WordPress As Subdomain Using cPanel

Install WordPress as Subdomain using cPanel

You can install WordPress as a subdomain using Cpanel by following some instructions as shared below. Completing the sub domain set up process means having an additional website running independently on your main domain name for example,, with its own credentials including logins, members, themes, plugins, etc.

Regardless of yourn web hosting service provider for example Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc, you can have another complete website set up as a sub domain using Cpanel. At the end of it all, you enjoy all associated benefits without having to pay for an extra domain name thus allowing you to save big.

What is a sub domain?

In brief, a sub domain is an attachment on your main domain name. Giving an example of, is an attachment and therefore referred to as a subdomain.

5 benefits of setting up a subdomain

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • Fast search indexing
  • Shares resources with main domain for example, if hosted together
  • Increases online presence

Instructions to install WordPress as subdomain using cPanel

  • Visit your domain registrar and log in to your account.
  • Head to manage domain by following your registra guide
  • Under DNS Management, create preferred A record e.g, hosting and point it to your host IP for example and save settings.
  • Now visit your web hosting control panel and log in to your domain panel.
  • Select the domain you want to create a sub-domain and click on the “sub-domain” option or menu to create your sub-domain.
  • Create your subdomain with the same name as created above in your domain registrar and save settings.
  • Now visit your domain host control again for those who support auto script installations and select the corresponding menu for example auto installer, script installer, softaculous or any other, click on it and wait for the scripts page to load and select your choice for example WordPress.
  • On the CMS page, click on install and wait for the popup mini page to load so as to pick WordPress
  • From the installation folder link, choose the subdomain folder you created from the drop down list (please note that you must be having your eyes wide open since doing a mistake and selecting your main domain from the list might end up deleting your site contents and replacing them with the new installation)
  • Fill in and select all the required information including your username, password and any other and click on Install.

Your subdomain will have your choice of CMS installed and you can now do anything as you wish just like how you go about editing your main site..

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